How to easily make money with WordPress?

When people ask me, how to make money using WordPress? All I could say is to either find a good niche and start blogging passionately or start developing good premium themes and plugins.  But it is really difficult to start developing themes and plugins because of two reasons:

  1. It requires good coding and designing skills.
  2. To make profit out of this business you will have to compete with some great theme companies which are already in market from past 10 years.

And if you go with blogging, then first make sure that you are blogging on something you are passionate about. You will surely make money with blogging but it will take time so you should keep working with patience. You would be thinking if both the above methods are not suitable for everyone then why am I writing this post? Dont worry I am not going to talk about affiliate marketing, advertizing etc.

Through this post I am going to introduce a different way of earning money using WordPress.  Yes, after a lot of research and hard work Team InkThemes has launched a theme named “GeoCraft”. GeoCraft theme will turn your fresh WordPress installation into business directory website within five minutes. If you don’t know what business directory website is? Please refer to this page.

Now, think yourself how easy it is to have a directory website with GeoCraft theme.  One of the main advantages of Directory website is that it can be made user oriented, yes users will update your website by posting their business details in your website. Unlike blogging you do not need to bother yourself for updating your website regularly. When you start your website you can simply allow users to submit their business for free, doing this will help your website grow more in less time.

GeoCraft theme is designed after a lot of research on how one can easily generate money using directory websites. It provides you all the options within theme’s panel that you will need in order to run a successful directory website and make good money. Let me take you in a short tour and have a look at some most exciting features of our GeoCraft theme:

1. Proper call to action button in Home Page, to generate more revenue.

2. Multiple elegant color schemes, users will experience an eye pleasant visit to your website.

3. Business owners can easily register themselves and add their businesses to your website.

4. Multiple niches can be added easily.

5. Premium users will collect leads (customer details) in dashboard itself.

6. Premium users can set default currency and suitable amount for their package offer.

7. Multiple language support.

8. Your website will be mobile friendly, GeoCraft theme is completely responsive.

9. Users can give review to different business and services.

10. Integrated user rating system.

These were only few features of the theme, you can have a look at all of its feature Here.

Once you have a good ranking directory website then you can make yourself sure that you going to earn good income every month through your website.


You do not need to be an expert in coding, designing or blogging to make good money online. Get your WordPress website online within minutes. Install GeoCraft theme and make a good local business directory website and start earning easily.

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