InkThemes Premium Wordpress Themes Thu, 21 May 2015 12:58:56 +0000 en-US hourly 1 InkVideo Optin – Lead Generation WordPress Plugin Fri, 15 May 2015 12:15:42 +0000 A Plugin to Convert More visitors into your Mailing List Subscribers

If you are receiving good traffic on your WordPress website, using a lead generation system can be great to increase your income via email marketing.

Converting a good percentage of your website traffic into leads (your email subscribers) is one of the best ways to build up a business. But evoking people to opt for your mailing list is most of the times a back-breaking task until your approach is a bit creative. Otherwise, the email capture form you have put on website remains idle.

So when the challenge is to evoke maximum possible number of visitors to convert into your leads, there is extreme need to make your lead generation system more appealing and engaging.

This is what the InkVideo Optin plugin helps you in. It gives a more effective lead generation system for your WordPress website. With this plugin, you can create a lead page that displays a sign up form with a video running in the background.

How does InkVideo Optin work?

There is a simple most process involved in it.

After you have successfully installed and activated it, you can see the plugin has started displaying in your WordPress dashborad.

Now you just have to go and configure the settings that’ll hardly take your 5 min’s.

So here is how you can create a great looking and appealing email optin landing page.

Here are the key features:

1. Display your brand logo: Represent your brand in the optin form by displaying your logo on top of it.

2. Write an attractive title tagline and a supporting subheading: The first thing that will take the attention of a person is the title of your form. Create informative as well an appealing tagline so that the first impression grabs interest of the visitors. Further, with a supporting subheading will engage them more to realize the benefits of opting in to your mailing list.

3. Show the list of benefits you’re offering to subscribers: Having said, it’s hard to evoke visitors to take any action. They are more likely to opt for anythigng if you make them realize the benefits. And obviously, it is not possible for a user to imaging all the benefits without ever being told. So it is a wise thing to educate them all the key benefits that users are gonna get following to their subscription.

This is more perfectly applicable in case you are running a freebie offer on your website, or offering any benefits in exchange of subscribing to your email newsletters. Explaing the benefits makes users realize the benefits and they get more inspired to avail those benefits you are giving away.

4. Display your brand image: If you are a renowned blogger or a popular personality and promoting something on behalf of your reputation, you can show yourself in the image so that visitors trust the value of subscription. Even if you want to build recognition, showing yourself to visitors will be great to slowly build up an audience that remembers you by face.

5. Show video in the background: This is the unique feature in the plugin that makes it interesting. Users don’t easily pay attention to anything until something different hits their eyes. By displaying an engaging video in the background will make users take interest in the page content.

The plugin allows you to directly upload a video or embed a video from YouTube to display in the landing page in the background.

6. Select from display options: Select desired colors, text font style and background pattern.

7. How the call to action should look: Write the desired text to show in the call to action button, also change the color of it and see whether it is more suitable in green, blue, red, or etc.

8. Set autoresponder: It gives you to facility to send an autorespnder message to the new subscribers through any email marketiung service you are using.

video background email optin

Other Features

Easy to install and easy to use.

Responsive: fits to any screen sized device.

Compatible with recent versions of WordPress.

Best lead generation software for marketers.

An ultimate email list building plugin for WordPress.

Easily build an email Opt-In landing page for your WordPress website in 5 min’s.

Grow your email subscribers fast.

Convert more website traffic into leads.

Available for inkthemes members only.

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InkTweet WordPress Twitter Plugin Mon, 04 May 2015 12:44:09 +0000 Change Your Mindset and Get More Tweets

You write good content and display a twitter icon expecting that a good number of users will make a tweet when they’ll realize the value of your content. But still you don’t get good results.

Here are the obvious reasons for why they skip that thing!!

1. Before reading a post readers aren’t supposed to tweet your content.

2. Not even when they are indulged in reading.

3. Readers don’t pay attention to the twitter icon as it was lying aside (an area where readers don’t need to pay attention).

4. Readers don’t realize its importance to you.

With InkTweet, Now Users Won’t Skip Tweeting for all Such Reasons…

Now readers will definitely see the option to tweet, will pay attention to it, and will also feel like tweeting.

Asking a reader to tweet a part of your content at the moment he finds it interesting, will generate maximum chances of posting of your content on twitter by him.

InkTweet is a WordPress plugin that increases referral traffic to your website from Twitter the same way. It lets your blog readers to tweet any piece of content they like while reading your blog.

All you need is to add the “tweet this” functionality for the piece of text which you think a reader will find interesting and worth a tweet.

How does InkTweet ‘WordPress Twitter Plugin’ Work

Just when you have finished installing and activating the Ink-Tweet plugin (which is hardly a 5 min task), you will find the plugin starts showing in your WordPress Dashboard.

Now in the settings you can easily make the following configurations:

  • Show a call to action for tweet anywhere within the text body.
  • Add a default tweet message so that people get a ready made message to post on twitter.
  • Show desired ‘call to action’ text as Tweet This/Post on Twitter/or etc.
  • Enter tooltip text that will appear on hovering over the call to action text.
  • Select position of the tooltip as top right, top left, bottom right, bottom left, top center, etc., according to which the tooltip will appear on hovering the hypertext.
  • Select a tooltip theme from the various available themes.
  • Give a unique ID to generate a unique shortcode: You can create unlimited number of shortcodes and insert each one of them in a blog post as per their relevancy.
  • Now the plugin will generate a shortcode as you click ‘create tweet shortcode’ option you see in the end.
  • Get your shortcode from here and place it at relevant places in the text body of your blog post.

Greatest Benefits of Using InkTweet Plugin

Adds a “call to tweet” at the most relevant places: Using social icons is despite being a popular practice, hardly proves to be as productive as it is supposed to be. Since with InkTweet you can add call to action for tweet at the more relevant places, it generates maximum chances of spreading of your content.

Attract good number of target audience from Twitter: Twitter is a proven great platform for almost any business to build brand awareness and knock the doors of your target audience. This plugin helps in exploring possibilities on twitter the easy way.

Boost your website rankings in organic search results: Social referral traffic to a website is on the other hand considered great for increasing the reputation of a website to search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing.

Social signals have been very clearly realized to be helping to rank a website better in search results. So for sure, you’ll get a high priority of vote to your website pages if a number of links are pointing towards your website.

twitter wordpress plugin


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Creating a Membership Subscription Based Website – (Take it Easy with WordPress) Tue, 28 Apr 2015 05:43:02 +0000 One of the best ways to earn straight revenue on internet is through a membership site. A number of people paying you a recurring passive income on a weekly/monthly/yearly basis, and you keep growing your user base alongside, is like a dream time for any website.

What it takes is, you should have interesting stuff that evokes visitors to become paid/registered members to get access to your exclusive content. That interesting stuff can be your blogs, photographs, videos, paintings, any tutorials or complete training courses. Besides all, running a membership site is great fun.

Let’s see real examples:

1. It helps people learn business, software, technology and creative skills and offers a series of video training on various subjects. In order to get unrestricted access to their video tutorials, you need to get their membership.

2.Poptropica: It is a virtual world where millions of kids from around the world are entertained and informed by Poptropica’s engaging quests, stories and games. Kids can collect objects, read digital books and comics.

Ready to start yours?

Alright, here is how you can build your own membership site on WordPress with the help of Subscribely WordPress theme.

Why Subscribely Theme?

Subscribely theme comes with integrated InkMember WordPress plugin (membership website wordpress plugin). With Subscribely,  you can effectively put on your stuff to display and sell your premium content via paypal. The whole backend is ready for use, and there are turorials to guide you at every step besides all being simple. Watch subscribely theme in live action.

Now Building Your Site

Be ready with initial WordPress setup – we’ll assume that you have WordPress installed on your website.

Starting Up

1. Buy Subscribely theme OR download its free version for now and install the theme on your WordPress website. Inkmember plugin comes incuded with the theme files, you don’t need to download it seperately.

2. ‘Install’ and ‘Activate’ the InkMember plugin. See, your WordPress dashboard asks you to do so.

activating membership wordpress plugin

3. You need to follow a few simple steps for using the InkMember Plugin. The tutorial tells you how you can limit access to any content for members only, setup payment options, and manage subscribers on the basis of thier membership packages.

Congrats! You’ve got all ready with these 4 steps.

Getting it to work

After you’ve got your membership website fully tuned, you’ve to take some time to decorate your website with quality content. Your stuff can be a collection of videos, audios, or eBooks, tutorials, magazines, or it can be a collection of images, wallpapers, or anything exclusive.

Only thing you have to make sure is that your visitors realize your content to be worth upgrading. Display your free and premium content. In the image below, the content titled as “Doing the team work Right” is a premium content.membership-wordpress-theme

Now as unauthorized members tend to access content which is available only for registered/paid members, the following message will be displayed.

paid membership

As users realize the need of your stuff, they can now subscribe to your membership package.

You can accept payments from users via PayPal Payment Gateway. This payment processing system comes inbuilt in the theme.

More benefits of creating a membership site with Subscribely:

  • Offer subscriptions for any particular period of time: Days/Week/Month/Year.
  • Set up payment options for a content as one time or recurring.
  • Get payment and transaction records stored in the WordPress dashboard.

Wrapping Up

Although I’ve given links to every sort of tutorial and reference, if you face any difficulty in the theme setup on your website or have any queries, drop your query here at the support forum. Guys there will surely help you out with everything.

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Search Engine Optimized WordPress Themes That’ll Delight You Thu, 23 Apr 2015 12:34:57 +0000 A service industry is more effective with an existing website. The better you showcase your products and services via a site, the more would be your chances of generating high-paying, long-lasting leads. Thanks to the inception of WordPress, we are able to build an online platform that looks stunning and functions in the way we want.

Irrespective of whether you want to build – a blogging site, a portfolio site, a local business site or an e-commerce website, WordPress has always served as the prime choice. These days, since ranking parameters for search engines have greatly evolved, sites have started adapting to search engines accordingly.

Obviously, why not, if search engine optimization is one among the prominent aspects for any kind of online business. It’s a great advantage to have a search engine freindly site.

It’s good to keep things all ok. So if now you care about your WordPress site, that it should be search engine friendly, that’s for sure worth giving weightage.

Generally, in terms of themes and templates, the “search engine optimized” term refers to parameters that are as follows:

  • Loading time of the theme
  • Compressed CSS and Javascripts.
  • Minimum errors in coding.
  • Minified Coding.

In this post, I’ll be walking you through a collection of 7 absolutely amazing SEO-optimized WordPress themes you can’t resist to install in your WordPress powered website. So, let’s get to know these themes better!

1. FoogoPro

seo optimized fogo

Watch Demo and Buy Foogo-Pro

This is a simple and clean WordPress theme custom-made for websites belonging to business organizations. One of the best assets of this theme is that you can use it on an unlimited number of domains and for unlimited number of websites. As a conversion optimized theme, Foogo Pro comes with excellent features including: awesome slider, full documentation, custom widgets, custom templates, completely responsive, great styling options and many more.

2. Colorway

colorway wordpress theme - seo

Watch Demo and Buy Colorway

ColorWay is in one of the most popular themes at It has been the favorite of those who love so simply and professionally desinged websites. Its optimized design and search engine friendly layout make it a superb platform to launch any new site with confidence. You can customize the theme with its easy options panel. It includes special styles for Gallery pages, and has an optional fullwidth page template as well. InkThemes has launched its new version that comes with more responsive design.

3. Compass

seo optimized wordpress themes

Watch Demo and Buy Compass

Compass is the best example of flawless – error free theme developement. You can keep it as simple as its basic design or make high level of customization supported by its full proof compatibilty. It becomes more astonishing with implementation of multiple widgets including the homepage video widgets. With amazing animation effects and fab icons you site gets ready to rock your visitors.

4. Swiftray

swift ray seo optimized wordpress themes

Watch Demo and Buy SwiftRay

Website loading speed is a one of the important parameters when it comes to optimizing your website for search engines. SwiftRay is an extremely light weight theme with minified coding and is actually known for its speedy attitude. This ultimately leads to a better user experience when users find it easy to travel all through your site in a very less time. It gives users to style the navigation section in the desired manner. You can keep the menu on top, or right, or to the left, at the most suitable place.

5. Roadfighter

optimized wordpress theme - roadfighter

Watch Demo and Buy Roadfighter

RoadFighter is the best simple theme for the advanced WordPress generation. It developes a magnetic environment throughout your website with clean designed features, easy navigation, user optimized interface, and unicoded text styling. Advance custom theme option equipments help you to build your desired business website within minutes.

6. Spotmoto


Watch Demo and Buy Spotmoto

This is a bespoke WordPress theme for blogs, magazines and news websites. Dedicated to pro-bloggers and individuals involved in too much writing, Spotmoto is the theme that renders complete visibiity to the content and the publisher. Features which make Spotmoto special include: fully-responsive design template, 7 ultimate color styles, multiple slides support, Ajax based options panel, PSD documentations, dropdown menus, Ajax based admin panel and many more.

7. Nutrition

simple seo theme

Watch Demo and Buy Nutrition

A custom-made WordPress theme for heath and fitness businesses like spa, gym, heathcare clinics, meditation and a variety of other fitness centres; Nutrition can render a perfect look and feel to your website. Features such as: AJAX based options panel, Improved Zoombox, incredible theme options, compatibility with all major browsers, Gallery/Contact Us page template etc. make Nutrition a perfect theme for any heathcare-based WordPress website. Bonus add-ons included with Nutrition WordPress theme are: InfoBar plugin, Banner Images, PDF/Video documentations, Access to Members Area and Full Theme PSD.

Wrapping Up

So, these were the six brilliant WordPress themes which have the potential of taking a website to new heights of success. Here’s hoping you’d have chosen your pick and would definitely install the theme that would hone the visual appearance of your site by huge bounds and leaps.

Author Bio:

Sophia Phillips has been working as a professional in  custom WordPress development company and loves sharing information about leveraging multiple benefits of WordPress in the best possible manner. Currently, she has an impressive count of WP- related articles under her name.

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InkTicketing – Customer Support System WordPress Plugin Thu, 16 Apr 2015 12:32:53 +0000 InkTicket WordPress Plugin is a well organized customer support service system for your website that helps you to resolve customer queries within a minimum time and in a professional manner.

Websites with small or large user base can easily handle client queries with the help of its tickets based support system.

If are running an ecommerce or a membership site, or any online business regarding which your customers may need to enquire you about products, services, or processes, this plugin is a complete solution for your business. This plugin has easy settings both for the admin and for the user end.

Key features of the InkTicketing plugin:

1. Ticket Support System

With ticket support system, handling loads of queries becomes a lot easier. Logged in users will just enter their query details and forward the submission to you.

2. Knowledge Base

The inbuilt knowledgebase section provides general information such as FAQ’s, or any additional knowledge your customers may need at times.

3. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooter section will allow your users to solve their problems on their own if they wish, without always having to get in touch with you even for very minor issues.

(You can easily setup and manage these features at your end so that users interact to the system accordingly. Complete step by step documentation guides you how easily you can setup the system.)

wordpress ticket support system


  • Easily add, delete, edit, and manage product queries.
  • User friendly settings – both for admin and users.
  • Inbuilt Knowledge base to answer FAQ’s and give indepth knowledge about processes, products, and services.
  • A ‘Troubleshooters’ section to let users fix least complex issues on their own.
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Agenta – Real Estate WordPress Theme Tue, 07 Apr 2015 12:08:13 +0000 Agenta WordPress theme specializes in real estate business and gives your visitors a robust system to browse your property listings.

Agenta has been basically designed for realtors like for builders, real estate agents, agencies, property dealers, and builders.

With its advanced property search features, it becomes extremely easy for users to search the desired property on the basis of location, pricing, property size, and lots of other options. This ultimately saves the time of your users to make a buying decision and on the other hand fastens up your rate of sales.

With integrated dsIDXpress WordPress plugin, you can embed live real estate listings into their blog’s posts, pages, and sidebars via shortcodes using the included widgets. The plugin also facilitates users in searching for, and view details of listings.

Advance Property Search Features:

Location based search available – Search property according to the area or locality you like.

Contract Based search available – Search property on the base of rental, sales or short term contract based.

Building Type Search Available – Buyers can easily choose building type (Apartment, Bungalow, Condo, Storey, Villa.

Search Based on Bath room and Bedroom – Search includes number of bathroom and bedroom features.

Search based on number of rooms: Buyer can select the property on the basis of rooms.

Property Size based searching:

Users can filter their search on the basis of property size. Square feets scale will enable them to set the size range for their searched property.

Price Based searching: Biggest important factor is budget. Buyers can easily select property based on their budget size. This feature saves time both for buyer and seller/property broker and helps in making decisions easily.

Unique Features:

Feature Important Property:

Place the most attractive property deals in the main header section for best visibility. Feature property section helps you to sale faster.

Feature Property Listings:

When you publish or upload a new property, it gets arranged on the basis of listing type. Listings are marked as available for Sale, Rental, Discount. This unique feature will allow buyers to easily search the desired property.

Single Property/ Detail Description for Buyers

Theme comes with a dedicated single page for every property where buyers can easily check all the detail for the property they are looking for.

Navigation Slider For Detail Property look:

2-3 slider images for the property to give users the complete idea of what buyer is going to purchase.

Description for the Property:

Seller/ broker can give complete description of the property that he is going to sell. They can also mention sales terms and conditions, contract buyers to tell anything important before they move forward to buy.

These are the points that are mention on single page:

PRICE, BEDROOMS, BATHROOM, PARKING SPOT, SQ. FEET, LISTING, Facility(24 Hour Water Supply, Security, Pool)

Property Listing is provided with Google Maps for Easy Navigation:

A buyer can easily know the location of the property via mention Google maps. Easy for the buyer to reach location and get an idea of what they are going to purchase.

Contact Information for Agent:

Every listing contains Agent complete contact detail (Email, Phone No.) so that they can enquire about the property.

Get Personalised Touch via Social Network.

Every listing contains social logo (Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin) of yours, So buyer can interact you and remain associated with you for longer duration.

Loan Calculator:

An important functionality of the Agenta WordPress theme is that buyers can easily calculate loan price for purchase property. It’s easy for buyers to know whether property is in their budget.

wordpress theme for real estate, hospitality and rental accommodation offering sites

Agenta WordPress Theme – All Features

  • Loan Calculator Associated with Listing Prices.
  • Advanced Property Searching.
  • One-page smooth scroll support.
  • Fully Responsive ( Bootstrap 3.1 ).
  • Visual Composer and Ultimate Addons for Visual Composer plugin included.
  • Agenta’s Shortcodes and Addons for Visual Composer.
  • Support for Energy Consumption Level in Pure CSS.
  • Google reCAPTCHA protection for agent contact forms.
  • Different Area size support.
  • Google Map Integration for location of properties.
  • WPML Support and Translation Ready.
  • Cross browser support.
  • New WordPress 4.1 compatible.
  • 60+ Icons for Facilities.
  • dsIDXpress Ready.
  • Predefined Color Schemes.
  • Support for Energy Consumption Level in Pure CSS.
  • Google reCAPTCHA protection to avoid spam emails on agent contact forms.
  • Print Compatible.
  • Properties Slider.
  • Google Web Font Integration.
  • Supermenu.
  • Customizable template and sidebars.
  • Custom widgets.
  • Icon Pack for Visual Composer ( FontAwesome ).
  • Ajax Contact Form for Property Agents and Owner.
  • Lightbox Images.
  • Contact Form 7 Support.
  • XML Import file included.
  • SEO Optimized.
  • W3C Valid.
  • Bug-free (Used WP_DEBUG while developing).
  • Sticky Header.
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Ray Photy – Photography WordPress Theme Sat, 04 Apr 2015 12:17:51 +0000 How do you look at something that gives you opportunity to do something unorthodox, something unconventional and widely different.

Being a photographer, just like the way you believe in achieving a an angle that makes others say – it’s extraordinary.

You see a view that others don’t and it’s because you imagine different. And probably at every moment to time you look for possibility of something new since you know its your individuality.

So is it true that whatever you look for, even if it’s just a theme to get your camera works online, you would like trying something out of the league.

See if this Ray Photy could be your choice for your photography Site.

for unconventional unorthodox photography


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Simplre – WordPress Theme For Real Estate Property Listing Sites Thu, 02 Apr 2015 06:46:47 +0000 Simplre is a real estate business WordPress theme for any individual real estate business and also for real estate property listing websites where you can collect property listings from various real estate agents and make them available for buyers at one place. So it is a complete 2 in 1 solution for almost any kind of real esate business websites.

WordPress Theme For Your Stand Alone Real Estate Business

The overall layout of the theme is designed in such a way that it gives maximum exposure to real estate properties listed on your website. Alongside, the feature of property search filter allows users to easily find the exact type of property they are looking for and within a minimum of time.

The property listing settings make it easy to convey all the necessary information regarding any property that a visitor might be looking for. You can render important information like property size, cost, location, weather/climate, map location, pin landmarks and surroundings, and show other details that should be informed to a property buyer.

Property search filter options include search on the basis of location of the house or apartment, size of the property, building type, no. of rooms, facilities, and much more. Buyers can simply filter their search as per the various search options and their desired property listing in will appear in front of them.

WordPress Theme For Your Real Estate Agency

Moreover, this WordPress real estate theme is also great to start your agency which tends to be a one point real estate property solution.

If you are the owner of a real estate agency, and your earning is based on commisions you get for referring buyers to other property dealers, then simplre is an ultimate solution to organize your whole system.

Real estate agency owners can feature property listings randomly, or feature particular agents on the homepage to give maximium visibility to their real estate properties.

There are more features that will ease the way your real estate site works. It includes facility to search property listings, ability to feature properties in the homepage slider section along with some basic information, blog post listings on the homepage, and much more.

Overall, you can create a wonderful website and give your real estate business a new great start!

Feature Your Best Property Deal

You can showcase your best property and deal in the main header section along with it’s brief description to attract your prospects. This section increases the visibility of the property and help you to sell it fast.

Subscriber’s Registration Module

  • Front-end register as subscriber – the theme has the option to allow the user to register directly from front-end. The theme is integrated with front-end user authentication with Facebook or Google account.
  • Subscriber Profile – Subscriber can create his profile and mention his details after registration process so that agent can contact theme directly. Subscriber can share his address, social profile link, mobile number etc. You can even upload your avatar.

Property Listing Feature

  • Recent property Listing –  This feature allowed to list all the recent property at the home page along with brief description about the particular property . When you publish or upload a property it gets arranged on the basis of date. Listings are marked as available for Sale or Rent, this unique feature will allow buyers to easily search the desired property.
  • Filter Listing Category Wise – User can filter your property listing from the category and choose according to their area of interest, like recent property, popular property, old listing etc.
  • Group Listing – Parent and child post listings. You can group your listings in one parent listing post. This is useful for Condo Buildings and Apartments, if you have several units for sale or for rent that resides within a building, this theme will display it for your viewers in an informative way.

Assign Agent to Particular Listing

You can create agent from backend panel and assign them to a particular listings so that user can contact with theme for their queries. You can mention all the details of the agent along with his contact number, social account, address etc. And you can divide your listing among them.

Showcase your listing’s information

As a real estate theme, this is the primary feature, giving you options to enumerate essential listing information such as date of availability, number of rooms, status, location map, list of amenities and more.

Custom Listing Fields –  You can add custom info for your listing. This theme has a built-in customizable additional fields that you can add in your listings, and this fields could become searchable too.

Saved Favorites and Notifications– Your subscribers having the ability to save their favorite listings and being notified if there’s an update and price changes, would be a nice feature too keep them back on your website.

Pin Manager + Custom Icons – Color your own pins and select your own icons. With a built-in and centralized pin manager, you will have a better control on how to display your listings with Google Map.

  • ShowCase your Property –  You can showcase your property in a better way by providing some awesome images of the property in the slide show.

Advance Property Search Features:

Together with the features that enables you to enumerate list of information for your listings. The data that you will provide are searchable, with its built-in search fields and customizable search sections it can give your viewers essential options to help them on what they are looking for in your listings.

  • Location based search available: Search property according to the area or locality of your preference.
  • Contract Based search available: Search property on the base of rental, sales or short term contract based.
  • Building Type Search Available: Buyers can easily choose building type (Apartment, Bungalow, Condo, Storey, Villa.
  • Search Based on Bathroom and Bedroom: Search includes number of bathroom and bedroom features.
  • Search based on number of rooms: Buyer can select the property on the basis of rooms.
  • Property Size based searching: Users can filter their search on the basis of property size. Square feets scale will enable them to set the size range for their searched property.
  • Price Based searching: Biggest important factor is budget. Buyers can easily select property based on their budget size. This feature saves time both for buyer and seller/property broker and helps in making decisions easily.

simplre - real estate wordpress theme

Here are all the must have features for your real estate agency site:

  • Property listing portal.
  • Pin manager to highlight your property listings on Google maps.
  • Weather forecast for local area.
  • Predefined colors.
  • Gallery with image slideshow.
  • Over 900 custom icons.
  • Custom sidebar and footer.
  • Optimized for mobile device support.
  • User account registration.
  • Feature multiple properties in the slider.
  • Feature various agents/realtors on your website.
  • Recent property listings on the front page.
  • Show recent blogs on website homepage.
  • Graph for pricing history of listed properties.
  • Let regular users save their favorite property listings to their account for frequent updates.
  • Show important nearby places, landmarks, etc. in map.
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Ink Social Locker WordPress Plugin Wed, 01 Apr 2015 11:59:32 +0000 Ink Social Locker is a content locker Plugin for WordPress that lets you restrict or delay a user’s access to your content until he spreads it in his own social networks.

It increases social sharing of your blogs and products and spreads of your website content on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn.

It is justified to ask visitors to pay for the freebies, free downloads, or valuable content (which took your hard work) in form of bringing more audience to your site through at least a share, a like or a tweet.

Whether you are you a blogger, a graphic designer, a marketer who needs more traffic & sales, or perhaps you are something very unique and entirely different and you need the deserved value from audience, this could be a great effective way to achieve your goals.

What you need this thing?

You might be using the conventional methods to get social shares, likes, comments, etc., but did that trick of placing social sharing buttons that way worked enough?

Here is why you need to change that trick and now start using social locker…

1. Even if information or anything is found valuable, visitors are not desperate to spread it in their social networks. The tendency to save time overcomes them.

2. People are so much used to ignore things that anything other than what they are looking for doesn’t grab their attention easily. They feel like those sharing buttons are made to be ignored.

3. Sometimes motivated users forget to share or like your content. But when it matters to you more than they realize, you must minimize any such chances. And this plugin is a way to do it.

Why these social links are so important?

1. Out of the various ranking factors in terms of SEO, socials links pointing to a website is also considered as an important factor that can help in climbing your website, its posts, and pages, up in Google search results.

2. Creating valuable high quality products or content is a lot easier compared to spreading and marketing. Building an audience is the real challenge that marketers face. In between this scenario, social networking sites are the second major platforms other than Google, Bing, etc., where you can build your brand visibility.

ink social loacker - a content locker wordpress plugin

Social Locker Plugin Features

  • Beautiful Animated Buttons.
  • Search Engine Optimized.
  • Developer Friendly.
  • Light Weight : Fast Loading.
  • Mobile Optimized.
  • Apply ‘only manual unlock’.
  • Inbuilt Analytics.
  • Button Designs.
  • Box Designs.
  • Unlock Through Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & LinkedIn.
  • Apply ‘Auto unlock’ to auto unlock your content after a fixed time.
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Obviously Effective Ways to Viral Marketing Thu, 19 Mar 2015 11:08:51 +0000 A thought says – “The best marketing approach is not to stick with any, but keep exploring new”.

That’s no doubt a 100 out of 100 worth thought. Afterall innovation is the root quality of any entrepreneur.

Is it so that you are looking for new ways to expand your business, get more sales and leads?

I’ve picked some products, that were observed to be working to bring better results.

These ways could also be effective for generating sales, leads, popularity (whether you have any own products & services to sell, or you want to spread your blogs), and hopefully it will help in better utilization of your audience.

Let’s step in..

1. Create Attractive Product Landing Pages

marketing practice - build optimized landing pages

When product presentation is supposed to be as effective as possible, marketers are supposed to be able to figure out what kind of presentation would leave the best impression to a user.

Challenge – You can’t buy another theme to change the landing page of your products if you feel the need to change it again and again for better results.

Tip – How if you become able to create landing pages of desired layout without knowing web development. Won’t that be a lot easier?

INKPAGE – a landing page builder plugin lets you create product landing pages in the desired manner. You can transform landing pages the way you think would bring more sales.

2. Show Hot Deals At The Top of Your Website

marketing practice - running offers on website

If you are a regular visitor of InkThemes, you might have noticed deals running on top with a countdown timer. The fact behind why InkThemes has been sticked to this strategy is the high rate of conversion achieved that way.

InkTimer is a favorite plugin used by hundreds of our customers to run seasonal deals on their websites.

3. Use Ad Banners for Promotion

marketing practice - using ad banners

This is a general practice which you can see lots of website owners following. But for different people, experiences may be far different from each other.

Your outcomes would first of all depend upon – where you are displaying ads and accordingly how much people are likely to be interested in those ads. So first tip is to show ads according your website content.

Challenge – People have become Ad blind. They ignore ad banners and don’t give attention to places where they are habitual of seeing ad banners.

TIP – Showing ad banners some other way may be the trick to get better results with your promotion campaigns…

Solution – Recently, InkThemes have launched InkAd Creator plugin that enables a user to create place ads on his website at desired place with desired animation effects.

4. Collect Leads Of Your Target Audience & Send Them Emails

marketng practice - email collection form

Sending Bulk Emails to visitors using an email marketing service is one of the best practices to follow in order to make your deals viral in your audience.

But you need to collect emails of potential visitors for that.

There may be many other ways other than this most effective way – which is having the functionality of collecting emails of visitors on your own website.


Have lead capture system on your website. A website theme with lead capture functionality will come in handy.

BlackRiders is a wonderful business theme with lead capture functionality inbuilt. It comes with an integrated lead capture form which you can display on the homepage. It gets submitted queries & emails directly stored into your WordPress dashboard.

Want It All?

Considering all these things, InkThemes has designed an all in one package. You can avail a powerful marketing package that will be quite helpful to leverage your marketing at discounted price. This package comes with PSD included ad banners, Lead capture WordPress theme, Plugins (those we discussed above), Facebook timeline covers for promotion through Facebook page, and additional bonuses.

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Best Photography WordPress Themes To Rock the Photographer in You Mon, 16 Mar 2015 12:01:32 +0000 Beyond the shadow of any doubt, WordPress is the best choice to get your well designed and decorated photography site. WordPress is matchless to other platforms when it comes to perfection, customization, features, supportability, or whatever it can be.

WordPress themes for photographers are available in abundance. There is a whole family of WordPress Theme developers around the world who have developed almost everything which has the possibility of its need to arise. Sure, you are in the right direction if you are out on hunt for the best photography WordPress themes.

A very old famous saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” proves to be absolutely true, especially in the case of photography. And when it comes to show off your photography work online, WordPress along with being a powerful CMS is the perfect foundation for creating a professional photography website within a matter of minutes!

However, with a vast array of both free and premium photography themes available in the market, it becomes quite difficult, time consuming and confusing to choose the right one. To help you showcase your photography stuff elegantly and professionally, I’ve put together a collection of best WordPress themes that will surely rock the photographer in you !

Here you’re the choice maker with a collection of exclusive photography WordPress themes. Some are better for Photo bloggers, some are best for professional photographers ‘for portfolio presentation’. See which one is be the best for you that completely enthralls you with its splendid beauty and features all together.


photomaker - wordpress photography  theme

Watch Demo                                                                               Buy Photomaker

PhotoMaker is a clean, beautiful and flexible WordPress photography theme with best design to make your photographs look elegant and spectacular on all devices, browsers and platforms. It has a built-in custom contact form with location map feature to enhance customer engagement and ships with 12 unique and super-rich color skins to make your visitors stay longer on your site.

Featuring a dynamic sidebar and full-width slider with vertical scrolling, PhotoMaker showcases your photography work in a highly personalized and wonderfully engaging manner. Moreover, it has a custom template for blog page, which allows you to show a blog post in six amazing post formats- standard, video, link, quote, image and gallery.

Real Photography

real photography - with wordpress

Watch Demo                                                                               Buy Real-Photography

Real Photography is a high-quality, stylish and SEO-optimized photography theme for WordPress. This fully responsive theme is available in two color combinations – white and black – to showcase your picture in a neat, professional and super classic way. Taking advantage of the built-in thumbnail slider, the theme helps you put your best photographs right in front of the eyes of your audience.

One of the most unique features of Real Photography is “Image Security”, using which you can prevent your site’s visitors from performing actions like copy, paste or save. On the other hand, the “Multiple Images Upload” feature lets you upload a bunch of images at once. Strictly speaking, this stunning theme is designed to give wings to your photography passion.

As a photography focused WordPress theme, Photomaker comes equipped with a full page slider and features that are capable of adding a unique tint of elegance into your WordPress enriched photography website. Some interesting features available with this WordPress theme include: an in-built contact template, a unique blog feature, an amazing portfolio feature, custom menu module, responsive and clean interface, rich color skins and many more.


phototastic - wordpress theme photographer

Watch Demo                                                                               Buy Phototastic

Phototastic is a professionally designed and neatly coded WordPress theme that allows photographers to sell their best photography stuff online with the help of WooCommerce. If you are a photojournalist or just an event photographer, phototastic will be the perfect match to your need. Being compatible with various WordPress SEO plug-ins, this fantastic theme ensures your site would get ranked higher in search engine results.

Additionally, Phototastic makes use of Revolution Slider to give your visitors a never-seen-before like slider effect. You can choose from any of two homepage templates: default full-screen slider or optional images grid view. There are 9 post formats, 14 custom widgets and 9 widgets spot offered. Best of all, it has support for child theme.

Ray Photy

ray - responsive photography wordpress theme

Watch Demo                                                                                  Buy Ray Photy

Ray Photy has a modern and elegant layout that gives an unorthodox style to your photo site. It’s totally an out of the league thing that delivers uniquely styled page templates for your blogs, Contact page, portfolio section, and your ‘About Me’ section. If you give preference to very unique things, Ray Photy should be your first choice to go for.

You can show stats about your photography projects, user base, and things that develop a visitor’s trust and interest in your work. Other awesome features include transitions and hover effects, portfolio grid view, and featured images view, exclusive portfolio slideshows and more. Moreover the theme is has clean code with inbuilt seo markp, and is speed optimized to give an awesome browsing experience to your visitors.


zoomy - wordpress theme for photographers

Watch Demo                                                                               Buy Zoomy

Zoomy is a simple, lightweight and easy-to-customize retro responsive photography theme with modern unique look and clean minimal layout. It’s built on the top of Tesla, a powerful WordPress theme framework and administration tool. Means, with Zoomy, you would be able to make design and functionality customizations to your photography site without any advanced coding knowledge.

Zoomy comes with several unique home page styles including full-width, grid, slider etc. There are numerous short-codes available to empower you create things such as tabs, buttons, featured team members, pricing tables, latest work and much more. Other key features include large beautiful sliders, Google Maps integration, Ajax-powered contact form and custom sidebar and footer widgets.


regal - fashion photography WordPress theme

Watch Demo                                                                               Buy Regal

Regal is a super clean, vibrant and SEO-ready picture frame theme for WordPress. Packed with ample of outstanding features, this theme comes with an amazing home page slider and has AJAX-powered theme options panel with 8-different styling options. You’re allowed to display maximum of 6 images with their respective links in the slider.

Not only Regal is fully responsive but also ready for Retina devices. Custom CSS options are also available to let you tweak the look and feel of your site. You can do a lot of things – like uploading a favicon, showing drop down menus, adding a business logo, set the web tracking code – with this ultra-nice theme.


raindrop - wordpress theme for photography

Watch Demo                                                                               Buy Rain-Drop

RainDrop is a powerful multipurpose one page theme having modern, minimal and crisp user interface design with easy navigation. Being multipurpose, it can be used for creating any kind of business website including photography, agency or corporate. Featuring a special one click demo install, Raindrop makes entire installation process an absolutely breeze.

Apart from this, it allows you to share fun facts and states with your site visitors using shortcodes and Font Awesome icons. Taking advantage of Isotope filterable gallery, you can showcase your portfolio in an extremely fashionable manner. With RainDrop, you get five custom post templates for your blog, including standard, audio, video, link and gallery.


roadfighter - photography wordpress theme

Watch Demo                                                                               Buy Road-Fighter

RoadFighter is a gorgeous, colorful and speed-optimized full width slider theme for WordPress, designed to let anyone showcase their business elegantly. This theme incorporates the “Tap to Call” functionality using which your visitors can directly communicate with you via mobile devices. To change the color of your website anytime, you can choose from 12 unique color skins.

One of the notable features of the RoadFighter is the full width image slider, which allows you to showcase images of any sizes. The slider itself equipped with outstanding features like containing call to action button, featuring micro text and showcase products, services and notifications professionally and elaborately. Furthermore, this fabulous theme is packed with various templates like blog, contact, default and full-width built-in.


titania - photography wordpress theme

Watch Demo                                                                               Buy Titania

Titania is an enormously attractive and extremely flexible WordPress multipurpose theme with 15+ homepage styles including 3 layouts for photography. From a photography site to a perfect-selling e-Store, you can create almost any kind of site with this highly responsive theme using its built-in drag and drop page builder.

Titania ships with a masonry style portfolio gallery through with you would be able to filter images according to categories. Also, it’s fully loaded with handy plug-ins such as BuddyPress, bbPress, WooCommerce and Revolution Slider. Other coolest features include 100+ powerful shortcodes, support for Font Awesome icon, Google Fonts integration and full support for WPML for localization.

Contributer @ InkThemes: AjeetVisit his site WordPressIntegration for Photoshop to WordPress theme conversion service.

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Amazing Restaurant and Cafe WordPress Themes Sat, 14 Mar 2015 12:24:21 +0000 Here we have put together a variety of selected restaurant WordPress themes available at InkThemes marketplace.

This is our collection that also includes themes from our associate developers from around the globe who contribute to make InkThemes a greater source of WordPress products.

Check out these stylish themes. You are gonna love them all. Important features have also been listed in comments to make it more easy for you to find the best thing that you are probably looking for.

Take A Break

take a nreak for restaurants

Demo                                     Buy Take A Break

Responsive one page WordPress theme for restaurants, cafes, coffee shops or any other food and beverage service industry related websites.


  • Fully responsive design
  • Built with Twitter Bootstrap 3.3.0.
  • Parallax Effects.
  • Theme Options Panel.
  • 7 Preset Templates.
  • Intro page widgetized.
  • Smooth scroll.
  • Isotope filterable gallery.
  • Sticky Menu.


harrington for restaurants

Demo                                          Buy Harrington

Download Free Harrington Restaurant WordPress Theme

A Stylish WordPress Theme for Restaurants, Cafes, and Coffee Shops. Harrington has been given a cute ‘n lovely design. Ken Burns slider used in it adds many more times of attraction to your website.


  • Ken burn’s Slider.
  • Display multiple testimonials.
  • Inbuilt templates.
  • Multiple Widgetized Areas.
  • Great styling ability.
  • Responsive with iPhone, iPad, tablets, smart phones etc.
  • Works great on all browsers.
  • SEO optimized


icook for restaurants

Demo                                        Buy iCook

iCook is exclusively designed for hotel, restaurant, top cook, chefs and coffee bars. It will amaze your visitors with wonderful display of your recipes, culinary skills, delicious food.

It will also be suitable for personal use to do blogging on food recipes from your home. iCook Comes with an effective WordPress Food Theme canvas to share food images, videos and contents.


  • Attractive page layout to display recipe post, items.
  • Iconic design layout for food industry websites.
  • Tempting food item display menu.
  • Easy Theme features Customization.
  • Easy image optimization, video embedding, post creation.
  • Multiple Colors to style.
  • High Modern WordPress Recipe Theme.
  • Beautiful custom gallery building system.
  • 12 columns grid.
  • Recipe ShortCodes.
  • Variety of predefined page templates.
  • Twitter Bootstrap.


woodpecker for restaurants

Demo                          Buy WoodPecker

Download Free WoodPecker Restaurant WordPress Theme

WoodPecker theme is the easiest, simplest, fastest theme in this collection to work with. Basically. it’s a versatile theme but the beauty and attraction it can add to a website, it can greatly favor the demand of restaurant, resort, and hotel websites.


  • Mobile ready, responsive with smartphones, tablets, desktops.
  • 10 amazing predefined colors.
  • Powerful admin settings panel.
  • Widgetized sidebar and footer area.
  • Inbuilt custom CSS options to modify the theme.
  • Built with bootstrap 3.0 framework.


cafe house for restaurants

Demo                                            Buy CafeHouse

Cafe House comes with a coffee drinks or food menu system. It consists of all good attributes to create a wonderful coffee shop business online. It’ll give a vibrant look to your coffee house site with its gorgeous design that hooks your audience.


  • Built with Twitter Bootstrap Framework.
  • Beautiful background colors and textures.
  • Beautiful Gallery creation with various templates.
  • Awesome Styling Options.
  • Advance Theme Option Panel.
  • Retro Sliders built by jQuery.
  • Enormous Color Options.
  • Interesting FancyBox.
  • CSS3 Ribbon Menu (no images used).
  • 2* Beautiful Gallery Layouts.
  • Custom page templates.


black bird for restaurant

Demo                                           Buy BlackBird

Download Free Blackbird Restaurant WordPress Theme

With blackbird you can have absolute control over the look and feel of your whole website. Blackbird theme empowers to give your website a fresh new looks with lightweight assets and cutting edge technology.


  • Included 10 Different Color Skins.
  • Awesomely designed for business and corporate in mind.
  • Individual Page/Post Customisation – Change various layout options on each individual page.
  • Improved Zoombox.
  • Contact Form – Built-in ajax/php contact form, with java script turned off fallback.
  • Easy Options Framework .
  • Theme Options – Tons of easy to use options for customization
  • Fully Responsive WordPress Theme
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LT Medical – WordPress Medical Theme Fri, 13 Mar 2015 12:40:12 +0000 LT Medical WordPress theme is perfectly crafted to give an effective online presence to your clinics or hospitals. It renders an exceptional ability to showcase your cure & care services, pricing, service specialists in your staff, your happy clients, and much more.

It is professionally designed responsive theme build with bootstrap hybrid framework and updated web development technologies such as HTML5 and CSS3.

Lots of pre-built shortcodes give users a great efficiency to give their website a full flight. You can easily add buttons, accordions, light box videos, generate QR codes, add columns, insert audio & video posts, and lots of elements.

It allows you to give detailed information that your clients need to know regarding your services. Such as how popular or well recognized is your organisation or your individual skills have been so far, what are your charges, where your services are located, who are the specialist individuals through which you offer medical services to your clients, etc.

LT Medical WordPress Theme

Theme Features

  • Responsive theme. Works great on all devices.
  • Unlimited Color Styles with 6 predefined color schemes.
  • Easy customization for admin.
  • WordPress – Latest Version compatible.
  • Use Font Awesome icons and Google web fonts.
  • Cross Browser Compatible.
  • Built with Bootstrap, CSS & Hybrid framework.
  • Attractive Fluid Portfolio.
  • Widgetized sidebar.
  • Choose left sidebar, right sidebar, two sidebars, or no-sidebar.
  • Multiple Blog post categories.
  • Multi-language translation ready.
  • Built with latest technologies.
  • Inbuilt Shortcodes to create tables, boxes, buttons, columns, tables, drop caps, accordions, and more.
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LT StartUp WordPress Theme to Start Your Business Wed, 11 Mar 2015 11:56:00 +0000 If your online business is in the starting phase, its time to make right decision choosing the business WordPress theme that suits your requirements best.

Start Up is a WordPress Business Theme for business professionals, to give a good new start to their business. It is professionally looking theme built for business to promote whatever products and services your business is offering. It provides all the features you need to promote and run your business online.

It has a unique flat layout, magnificent color-schemes, clean and neat feel that assures you of its professionalism. It offers a responsive design, multiple page layouts and templates, and a powerful admin panel to give you full control over your website. It’s very flexible, easy-to-use platform for online presence of your business which can be your powerful business tool to promote your business.

lt wordpress theme for business start ups

Theme Features

  • Ready to use for all devices.
  • Built on bootstrap.
  • Unlimited Color Styles.
  • Unlimited template features.
  • Mobile Support (Responsive).
  • Perpetual Theme Updates.
  • Access Template Document.
  • Download Quickstart package.
  • Best for any Business.
  • Easy customization for admin.
  • Cross Browser Compatible.
  • Valid HTML5 + CSS3.
  • WordPress – Latest Version compatible.
  • Powerful Shortcodes.
  • Use Font Awesome icons and Google web fonts.
  • HTML5/CSS3 Support.
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LT Portfolio WordPress Theme – 100% Responsive Mon, 09 Mar 2015 12:40:13 +0000 LT Portfolio is a product showcase / portfolio WordPress theme designed for business professionals and individuals running websites for personal use. It is great for both small and large size businesses to exhibit their business activity to their audience and grab more business opportunities through web.

It is 100% responsive, clean and stylish theme built with Bootstrap CSS & Hybrid framework. All design elements present in the theme are made to easily transform itself when it comes to requirement of mobile device compatibility. It shows awesome adaptability towards iPhones, Tablets, PCs, Android Phones and all small to large size screens.

It comes with powerful shortcodes of high utility to make customization very easy, and has an extended functionality in its admin settings panel that gives you extreme freedom to get your website underway in matter of short few minutes.

You can create beautifully styled posts and pages without custom coding, create tables, boxes, buttons, columns, tables, drop caps, accordions, and and lots of other useful elements. Moreover, this theme comes with unlimited colors schemes to easily create new color style via Template Customization based on color picker.

LT Portfolio - WordPress portfolio theme

Theme Features

  • Fully adaptive. Gives awesome performance across all devices.
  • Cross Browser Compatible.
  • Unlimited Color Options via custom color picker.
  • Eight predefined skin colors.
  • Insert useful elements through inbuilt Shortcodes. Easily create tables, boxes, buttons, columns, tables, drop caps, accordions, and more.
  • Built with Bootstrap, CSS & Hybrid framework.
  • Attractive Fluid Portfolio.
  • Widgetized sidebar.
  • Option to choose left sidebar, right sidebar, two sidebars, or no-sidebar.
  • Multiple Blog post categories.
  • Multi-language translation ready.
  • Built with latest technologies.
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Ink Ad Creator WordPress Plugin Sat, 07 Mar 2015 12:09:59 +0000 Ink Ad Creator WordPress plugin makes it easier to setup ad banners and run promotional campaigns.

With the help of Ink Ad Creator, you can easily showcase ads not only on your website but also insert ad banners inside your particular blog posts.

It provides easy options to help you setup and display ads in the desired manner in a matter of a short few minutes.

  1. Load upload Ad-banner Image.
  2. Customize the dimensions of the banner.
  3. Select place / multiple places where the banner is to be positioned.
  4. Insert redirecting links to banner.
  5. Take a look at various text formatting and styling options, background color options, etc.
  6. Meanwhile, see the real time preview of the ad being created in the back-end itself.

And say let’s get going!

Track And Analyze Ad-Performances

Apart from creating effective marketing ads, you can track and analyze ad performances and conversions to understand which way ads are performing better.

User also gets freedom to display ads in website side bar widget and/or display it as top/bottom bar or as pop up window. Analysis of click and impression ratio will tell you the better way your ads would work.

ink ad  - for self served ads


  • Display ads in posts/pages or as pop-up window, side bar widget, top bar or bottom bar. Get maximum exposure for your ads.=
  • Ready to use editable predefined templates – to create ads in a blink of eyes!
  • Get real time preview of the changes made on the fly!
  • Ink Ad Creator is 100% responsive. It displays awesome compatibility to iPhone, Androids, tablets, and all devices.
  • Short-Code Point/Click Integration – Conveniently insert your “offers” box into any existing posts or pages with the built-in short-code creator!
  • Extremely easy customization. Easily change background colors, styles, icons, or add your own texts, font sizes and even add images.
  • Ink Ad Creator gives insightful Analytics to track clicks, impressions and conversions.
  • Add exciting visual effects when the box appears & make your visitors pay more attention to your message). 5 different effects are available.
  • Save unlimited graphics and edit anytime – All of your marketing graphics will be saved into your WordPress dashboard. You can come back later and edit them anytime for future use.
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10+ Attractive Landing Page WordPress Themes Thu, 05 Mar 2015 06:51:03 +0000 Web is an extremely helpful funnel in exposing products and services to a large number of audience. One of the best ways to harness the potential of internet for increasing your business revenues is having a beautiful landing page website. A landing page is where buyers visit & get all information regarding your business activity or any particular product.

Take a look at some of the best landing page themes available in WordPress ecosystem that are useful for product launching, capturing leads, and showcasing your business portfolio.




It is a bootstrap built one page landing page WordPress theme. It offers 16+ homepage styles, arena of custom shortcodes, and comes integrated with many advanced plugins such as BuddyPress, WooCommerce, Visual Composer, & Revolution Slider. In addition to that, there are lots of more features supported by the theme to let you create a highly useful landing pages for your products.


  • Responsive – Adjusts to the all device screen sizes.
  • Built on Bootstrap.
  • 16+ Home Pages.
  • Revolution Slider.
  • Visual Composer.
  • BuddyPress Ready.
  • wooCommerce Ready.
  • Mega Menu Supported.
  • Forum functionality via bbPress.
  • 3 different header styles.
  • WPML Support.
  • Powerful Shortcodes and More.




BlackWell is an highly attractive single page landing page WordPress theme that will be very effective to present your products and services to buyers. BlackWell theme comes with 10 Different Styling options, parallax effects, and retina ready responsive display features. Its one- page elegant design consists of a 3-Column business feature area, Fully widgetized sidebar, space for brand video, testimonials, social icons, clients logos, and lots of business features.


  • One- Page theme with elegant design.
  • Add video of your brand.
  • Show team member.
  • RTL compatible.
  • Translation Ready.
  • Social icons integrated.
  • 10 Different Styling options.
  • Beautiful Portfolio.
  • Clients logos section.
  • Compatible with all major browsers.
  • Display testimonials on homepage.
  • Completely responsive and retina ready.




Dekor will be more suitable for business such as real estate, interior & exterior designing, etc. It has integrated WooCommerce , bbPress, Revolution slider, & visual composer plugins. There are many Shortcodes, WPML support, and RTL compaibility, that will raise the ability of your website and give you full control over it through easy customization Panel.


  • Intuitive visual interface with easy customization via Short-codes.
  • Drag and drop page builder Visual Composer Integrated.
  • Translation-ready and WPML compatible.
  • Responsive – works awesome across all devices.
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • WooCommerce compatible.
  • Revolution slider plugin Integrated.
  • Mega menu for powerful drop down menus.
  • bbPress plugin to add forum functionality.
  • Google web fonts & font awesome icons integrated.




Matter is a one-page WordPress business theme built on bootstrap framework that gives an absolute freedom to customize your website layout. It gives a powerful landing page to portfolio your web applications, or any tangible and intangible products. It has pricing table, services section are provided which a user can easily customize via a powerful theme admin panel. With inbuilt pricing tables you can show product and services to users more effectively. It looks beautiful on any device and has advanced one page theme options. It also facilitates quick navigation and has a filterable portfolio that displays transition effects.


  • OnePage/Multi-Page Layout.
  • Customizable pricing table.
  • Customizable services section.
  • Contact form 7 Support.
  • Full-screen Slider.
  • Section Based Settings.
  • CSS3 Animations.
  • Bootstrap 3.2.x.
  • Grid System.
  • 6 Different Post-Types.
  • WordPress 4.1 Compatible.

Rain Drop



Raindrop comes with enormous features that if you have to explore all of them, you can probably not figure out all of them in at once. It can be a high pick-up vehicle to drive your business to a great height. Apart from lots of inbuilt features the theme comes with more than 100 shortcodes to customize your website in the desired manner. It renders features that are quintessential for effective presentation of a business or a particular product.


  • 100+ Shortcodes.
  • Retina Ready.
  • Premium Coding Page Builder.
  • Google Web Fonts.
  • Ajax loading of projects and posts on front page (turn on/off).
  • Video, Gallery, Audio, Standard and Link Posts Templates.
  • Revolution Slider.
  • One Click Demo Install.
  • Parallax Backgrounds.
  • Team Page.
  • CSS3 Features and Animations.
  • 5 Post Templates (Standard, video, link, gallery, audio).
  • Filterable portfolio.




Hipstech is the best example of creativity to expose products and services to a large audience. It is a multilayer structured WordPress theme with easy to navigate design and layout & incredible flexibility and functionality. It is useful for multiple purposes starting from personal blogs and business sites to complex websites. This modern style one page WordPress theme can be used to create corporate, business, personal blogs, agency or portfolio sites.


  • Parallax Background.
  • 100+ Shortcodes.
  • 20+ Portfolio templates.
  • 10+ Blog Pages.
  • 10 Header styles.
  • Unlimited color options via custom color picker.
  • Unlimited Home Landing Page Templates.
  • 5 Post Formats (Standard, video, link, gallery, audio).
  • Breadcrumb Video.
  • Mega Menu.
  • Premium Coding Page Builder.
  • Ajax Projects & Post Loading.
  • Revolution Slider.
  • CSS3 Features and Animations.




Eureka is a one page WordPress landing page theme in a simple & minimal Layout. Its advanced admin panel allows users to setup and customize website with extreme ease. This theme is powered with bootstrap 3 and has many inbuilt functionality. Equipped with admin panel and advance custom panel, you can create your beautiful WordPress Website, responsive nature, appealing looks, create websites within fraction of seconds.


  • Multiple Color Schemes predefined.
  • Advanced Admin Panel and Custom Panel.
  • 4 Custom header styles.
  • Use Image, video, sliders in the header.
  • Responsive, fit from small to large screen.
  • Shortcode Generator.
  • Bootstrap 3.0.
  • Revolution Slider.
  • Layer Slider.
  • Ajax Portfolio Isotope.
  • Ajax Contact Form.
  • Twitter Plugin integrated.
  • Custom Sidebar Footer Widgets.




Guardian is a bootstrap built theme with a plethora of features for portfolio sites, launching a new app or product in the market. It gives an advance settings control panel to make WordPress easy to manipulate with no extra code work. Latest functionality required for marketing apps and products are inbuilt into it that guarantee you of a effective presentation of your work.


  • LayerSlider Plugin included.
  • Drag and Drop Landing Page Builder.
  • Video Parallax.
  • jQuery Enhanced Portfolio, Contact Form.
  • Built-in Theme Option Framework.
  • Advanced Theme Options.
  • Build-in Tiny MCE Shortcodes.
  • Sticky Navigator.
  • Liquid Slider included.
  • Predefined templates.


Zero landing page wordpress theme


Zero-theme is a twitter bootstrap built one page WordPress theme with e-shopping functionality. Its flexible theme options give freedom to create beautiful web sites and unlimited number of different page layouts. User can create one page or multi-page website with this same theme. It gives various options to customize the theme using desired colors, backgrounds, layouts, and almost everything.


  • 12 columns grid.
  • Video background.
  • Sticky navigation.
  • 3 custom widgets.
  • Custom post.
  • Font icons.
  • Google Web Fonts.
  • Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Cross Browser Ready
  • Well-commented code.
  • WooCommerce ready.
  • Colors options for every element.
  • Seven advanced skins.
  • Coding free customization.




Display WordPress theme can be a powerful platform to launch any product into the market. It’s a Twitter Bootstrap built product landing page theme for individuals. Display comes with clean, modern, responsive design and a wide set of features based on Tesla Framework. Its clean elements and components like parallax effect, filterable portfolio, featured image slider, 12 custom posts, 7 custom widgets, 6 page templates, built-in shortcodes, social media integration raise the level of functionality to extreme.


  • Responsive Landing Page WordPress Theme Design.
  • Featured Slider.
  • Latest jQuery library, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Awesome visual and transition effects.
  • Built-in Shortcodes.
  • Integrated Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.
  • Customization.
  • Features.
  • 12 columns grid.
  • 7 custom widgets.
  • 12 custom posts.
  • 6 page templates.
  • Featured video support.
  • Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Cross Browser Optimization.
  • Well-commented code.




Biznex is a business landing page WordPress theme built on twitter bootstrap. It provides single as well as multi-page layout and gives better visibility to your brand. It comes with a modern, clean, responsive landing page layout, beautiful effects and a complete set of advanced options. It gives a great opportunity customize a website in desired manner without any knowledge of coding.


  • Easy Customization.
  • Responsive Design.
  • Featured Slider.
  • Used latest jQuery library, HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Custom Posts.
  • Built-in Shortcodes.
  • Social Media Support.
  • Integrated: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and more.
  • AJAX Contact Form.
  • General Features.
  • 12 columns grid.
  • 9 custom posts.
  • Parallax scrolling.
  • Featured posts.
  • Twitter Bootstrap.
  • Cross Browser Optimization.
  • Well-commented code.




CherryPlay is a multipurpose landing page WordPress theme that comes in a versatile design. Mega sliders, splendid background images, custom fonts, Typography, give users complete freedom to desire. Theme is perfect to highlight your objectives with custom logo, custom favicon, custom posts/pages and custom colors.


  • Attractive Background.
  • Beautiful parallax-based background.
  • Clean Heading and Sub-Heading Area.
  • Grid-based multi-feature and multi-product display area.
  • Easy Navigation.
  • Custom menu.
  • Custom Header images.
  • Custom Post Template.
  • Clean and wide content display.
  • Integrated Social Icons in Header & Footer.
  • Fits to every screen – SmartPhones, iPhones, Laptops, etc.
  • Custom ShortCodes.




Mustang is a multipurpose WordPress theme suited for business websites, e-shops, agencies, nonprofits, blogs, portfolios and others. With  six different layouts and plethora of features it becomes more easier to create a portfolio website, setup an eCommerce website, or any blogging website that has wide range of functionality in-built. By default basic blog design can be extended to full power with additional WebMan Amplifier plugin installation. It supports WooCommerce e-shop plugin and comes integrated with bbPress, page builder and sliders plugins. Mustang is ready for whatever you throw at it.


  • Easy WYSIWYG design customizer with support for skins.
  • Admin area seemlessly integrated to WordPress.
  • Clean modern 100% responsive design, boxed or fullwith layout..
  • Set the custom width (extensible).
  • Cross browser compatible.
  • Multipurpose functionality.
  • CSS3 animations and effects via Animate.css library.
  • Simplified page/post metaboxes and Visual Composer page builder.
  • Custom CSS and JS per single page/post.
  • Visual Composer page builder.
  • One Page and Blank Page page templates.
  • Parallax and video backgrounds.
  • Master Slider and LayerSlider slider plugins.
  • Extra hidden topbar.
  • Floating WooCommerce cart.
  • Masonry layouts, Isotope filters.
  • Automatically columned widgets in horizontally displayed widget areas.
  • Unlimited sidebars (widget areas) with WooSidebars plugin.
  • Megamenu and intelligent mobile navigation.
  • Infinite scroll (Jetpack plugin support).
  • Tabbed custom widget (and other custom widgets).
  • Special slider area above the header on any page.
  • Unlimited custom Posts shortcode layouts.
  • Transferable content and shortcodes.
  • WooCommerce plugin integration.
  • bbPress forums plugin integration.
  • Automatic table of content for parted (paginated) posts.
  • Intelligent metaboxes.
  • Multiple Post formats supported.
  • Multiple blogs, multiple portfolios.
  • Easy mega menu integration.
  • Right-to-left (RTL) languages support (even for Visual Composer, WooCommerce and bbPress).
  • SEO optimized, microformats ready code.
  • Well organized and commented PHP, HTML5, jQuery and CSS3 code.
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Prollective – Multipurpose One Page WordPress Theme Wed, 04 Mar 2015 12:29:05 +0000 Prollactive is one page WordPress theme suited for multiple purposes. It is developed for business professionals such as individual freelancers, and agencies to attract clients and educate their audience about their business activity. Its design is composed of high resolution elements that boil down an enormously user friendly interface which your visitors will find extremely easy to interact with.

It is fast, optimized and really gorgeous and it gives the same awesome experience on every device and browser. It has an extremely flexible layout optimized for varieties of screens that makes it perfect fit to all devices whether small, medium or large screen sized.

Prollective theme comes with a rare style menu that makes navigation better easy. The sticky menu bar facilitates quick navigation to all section within the single page.

Moreover it gives an extreme ease to manage content and customize settings from one place through its powerful admin panel which provides enormous ability to modify the way your website looks. Prollective theme is Hand-coded with up to date standards. Latest technologies and semantic markup have been deployed that make your website highly eligible.

Prollective - one page theme

Theme Features

  • Fully responsive one page WordPress Theme.
  • Super Easy Installation & Setup.
  • Retina Ready, 100+ Font Icons.
  • Clean & Semantic Code.
  • Free Updates & Support.
  • Optimized for Speed and SEO.
  • Crafted with Passion.
  • Fully responsive & Mobile friendly.
  • Social Media Optimized Google+, Facebook and Twitter.
  • A perfect solution for all creative ones!
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QAEngine – Question Answer Forum WordPress Theme Mon, 02 Mar 2015 10:23:50 +0000 Forum sites like Quora or Digital Point are a reliable way to build online communities and collaborate like minded people to come at same place and share their solutions.

However, setting up a well organized and systematized knowledge sharing channel like quora can be a brainy job for anyone, but with the existence of WordPress, it becomes easy to built your online forum from scratch.

It is through QAEngine WordPress Theme, which allows you to easily create a website like quora or digital point via the simplest method. It is a complete forum functionality inbuilt WordPress theme that proves to be the stand alone ultimate solution for aspirants to get their forums live with least efforts.

QAEngine has its own dedicated forum framework that helps you to create support sites, question-answers site a.k.a. a knowledge base or anything else, and in a few short and simple steps you can launch a self hosted QnA forum on WordPress.

It is designed keeping user experience in focus with intention to facilitate conversations the better and easy way. In addition to it, a simple and optimized user interface is provided for posting of Questions & Answers to your knowledge base. In addition, it gives a well managed system controlled through the back-end admin panel & allows you to effectively monitor user actions.

Let’s Know This QnA WP Theme In Deep

How users can ask their questions

  • Users can ask questions of their choice. One just need to be logged in to your forum.
  • User can select category for the question so that like minded people can view your post in that particular category. Selecting category for the question gives more visibility to your question.
  • Set tags for your question you asked in forum – Tags and category are almost same but you can only select one category per question but with tags users can set multiple tags for same question. Tags narrow down the category section and help in gaining more targeted visibility.

How Questions are listed in Forum

Question are listed on the basis of Latest, Most Voted, and Unanswered.

Latest Questions – Newly arrived questions are always arranged in the latest question category. These type of question get a better visibility and get instant replies.

Votes – Hot topics always stay on top of the forum if they are trending and are loved by community/forum members. This feature will evoke users to get more involved in the conversation. Topics are arranged on the basis of votes. If you get more upvotes than your topic will go on the top of the listing.

Unanswered Questions Listing – If user asks any question and it remains unanswered in the forum then it is listed in the unanswered category.

Category Selection for more visibility Above all there is a option for selecting category, (where users can check all the latest, votes and unanswered) questiona in a particular category. Users who are interested in a particular category can easily navigate to the section.

Set maximum question per page:– Admin can easily set the number of questions that can be viewed in a particular page to minimize navigation section. It helps users to stay for longer duration on website.

Show Your Forum Stats: It will be interesting especially for the users to know about the popularity of your forum. If they come to know about the user base of your platform, they will be attracted to join the large number of your existing audience. Users attract users, when more member are visible on forum more people would like to be a part of that forum.

You can display live stats for-

  • Total Number of Questions Asked.
  • Total Number to Members.

Questions from top users come with points system which the popular forum sites use to make their system more engaging. To become the top member in the forum users participate more and more in the forum.

Answer System on Forum

Just click on the question you want to reply and you can post your answer easily and insert picture and link while answering.

  • User badge and point system – User will receive badges and points based on their contribution. This will lead to more engagement on your site. You can create your own rules for the user with each badges.
  • Live notification system – Users will be notified of every important action on the site to let them catch up the latest happenings. Users will receive the notification for the answer on his question, comments and for upvotes and downvotes.
  • Single question listing – Click on question, users will be redirected to its detailed page including questions and all the answers given by different users.
  • Browse topic – You can write down a keyword then a list of related post will appears this will lead you to quickly find out the information with the help of ajax search.
  • Follow Question – If you like any topic in the forum and you want to know each and every future conversation on the forum then you can follow that topic, So whenever a new reply is received for that topic, you will get notified.
  • Top Voted Answer on Top – Your users will always be engaged with the system when they get best reply on top. They find is useful and knowledgeable.

User’s Profile

Every registered user gets his own profile where they can see all their details like points and  badge they earn, number of question or answers they have posted, number of views on their posts etc. Users can also upload avatar and display his social account like facebook, twitter and google plus.

  • User login/registration System – This theme allow user to get themselves registered or login before they can post their question or answers. You can create your account either by signup process or you can directly login with Facebook, Twitter or GooglePlus.
  • Captcha to prevent spam – Google recaptcha protection to avoid spammy sign ups into the forum.
  • Contact with members – You can easily contact with the specific members and send your personalized messages to them.

Earn Revenue Through Advertisements

You can charge for posting advertisement into your forum. There are four different places for you to display the advertisements, that will let you monetize the traffic on your QnA forum when you have acquired a good number of user base.

qna wordpress themeqna 4 simple stepsqna responsiveqna responsiveseamlessly on mobile devicesqna mobile deviceqna

More Features

  • Awesome Intro Page.
  • Vote, answer, & views counter.
  • Comments for questions and answers.
  • Mark an answer as accepted.
  • User point settings for admin.
  • Blog listings and details.
  • User profile with question & answer details.
  • Front end models for improving interactions.
  • Content focused user experience.
  • Social sharing enabled.
  • Ability to filter knowledge base according to users interest.
  • Live Notifications.
  • All Device Ready.
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WordPress Themes Supporting Third Party Ads To Monetize Your Website Mon, 02 Mar 2015 05:02:57 +0000 There are a number of ways that enable you to make money from your website, however, supporting third-party advertisement(s) is one of the simplest and excellent way to monetize your website.

Fortunately, there a dozen of WordPress themes available online that support third-party ads. However, when it comes to choosing one suitable theme for the same you might find the task quite challenging. To help you select the right theme for your WordPress website (like magazine, news, and other niche websites), I’ve compiled a list of top WordPress themes worth considering.


Blog WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

blogs trend ad space


If you want to run advertisements on a WordPress blog theme, then BlogsTrend is exactly what you’re looking for. There are two ad spaces on the homepage, and both of them are placed on the right side of the sidebar section.

You can customize the theme content with just a few clicks, without tinkering with the code. The theme comes with eight different color skins to choose from, allowing you to modify the look and feel of your theme including the advertisement space.

The theme features a responsive layout that makes your blog look great on different device screen – be it mobile devices or tablets.


Video-WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

vodeocraft with ad-space


If you’re searching for a WordPress theme that allows you to setup a full-length video website supporting third-party ads, then VideoCraft is the perfect choice for you. It comes with a built-in advertisement module, and thereby help you have full control over customizing your advertisements placed on the site. The ad-module supports Google ads and ads of different other sources.

Since VideoCraft lets you place the ads at the most relevant place, you can easily draw users’ attention to get more clicks, which eventually help you to generate more money.

VideoCraft is extremely capable of creating a video Gallery theme for WordPress in minutes, and comes with premium community support.

GeoCraft V2

Directory WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

geocraft with ad space


Do you want to add third-party ads in a directory listing website for real estate, business, dealership and other such websites? In that case GeoCraft V2 best suit your needs. This theme allows you to run Google ads and ads of many other sources – on a cost per click basis.

This theme features enough space to place advertisements. Furthermore, GeoCraft V2 is a responsive theme and works extremely well on all kinds of devices. The simple and easy to use dashboard of the theme lets you customize the banner ad space without much hassle.

Just like ClassiCraft, even GeoCraft V2 offers lots of options to make money from your website, from charging business owners for managing ranks in business listings, to selling backlinks from the blogs.


Blog WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

zara blog theme with ad space


You might have stumbled upon a number of fashion blogs running advertisements of third-party sources. If you too want to set up a fashion blog with WordPress, having enough space to put up ads, then Zara WordPress theme is the right choice for you.

The theme features a clean and minimal design, and provides a seamless scrolling experience to users. The advertising section is added to the sidebar supported by multiple widgets. Since the widgets support the sidebar, you can customize the advertisement section by making changes to the widget area of the website admin panel.


News WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

newsright theme with ad-sapece


Newsright is a responsive, retina-ready WordPress premium theme ideal for setting up a newspaper or magazine website based on Bootstrap framework 3.0, and comes with custom advertisement widgets (available in 7 different sizes). The advertisement can be placed in two different sections given on the right side sidebar.

Newsright, boasts a remarkably useful theme admin panel that contains plenty of options, allowing you to change your theme layout style, color scheme, fonts, and everything needed to make a new website work well in the best manner possible.

The best part about this theme is that it even provides WooCommerce Support for setting up an online shop. So, if you’re thinking of planning an e-shop and want to have a separate section to display third-party ads, then choosing Newsright won’t disappoint you.


News WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

newzine theme with adspace


NewsZine is a responsive newspaper theme for WordPress that comes with ample space for putting up ads on your site. NewsZine features a fluid layout and is built using the Twitter Bootstrap framework – facilitating enhanced browsing experience – on devices of different screen size.

What’s best about NewsZine is, the multiple ad-space is provided to help you place the advertisements on the most desired place or at multiple places. It comes with four different homepage layout options and contains more than 12 pages in a template, giving you the ability to earn revenue by putting up a number of advertisements on your website.

What’s more, NewsZine features a powerful theme options panel that comes with VaultPress framework – touted as a great toolbox used for building the administration part of any WordPress theme. This theme is designed to provide a complete solution for a newspaper site, which includes WooCommerce integration and many other great features.

ReThink v2

Product Review WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

rethink theme with ad space


As an affiliate marketer, if you want your website not only display product reviews, but also make money through sharing those reviews, then ReThink v2 WordPress theme is worth a try. It is a perfect theme for affiliate marketers who like to put up banner ads on their website for increasing the click-through rate.

This WordPress theme offers simple and easy-to-use features that help a beginner begin sharing the product reviews in no time. ReThink includes a beautiful slider, inbuilt templates and widgetized sidebar, allowing you to place ads and other elements in just a matter of minutes.

You can choose to create your product review or affiliate site using on any one of the three different demos of ReThink such as Cars/Bikes, Mobile Store and Cameras.


Magazine WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

bzine news wordpress theme with ad space


Bzine is another great WordPress theme based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework that could be used for creating a fashion blog, or news blog, and other type of news blogs. Furthermore, Bzine’s editorial theme is ideal for users interested in setting up a single page magazine site. And, the best part! This theme allows you to earn revenue by posting ads of authors of other websites.

The theme runs updates regularly, helping you to keep your website up-to-date according to the latest trends. It helps to display ads via custom widgets, and thus gives you the ability to easily customize the advertisement section, from the website admin dashboard.

Bzine is highly customizable including 16 different color schemes, 6 theme styles, 21 pre-defined background patterns and much more. It is a responsive theme and take care of website content layout to be accessible across all screen size devices.


Business WordPress Theme With Ad-Space

bizway theme with ad-space


As a business owner, you’ll certainly seek for ways that help you earn money from your site. One such great way, you can use to generate revenue is to place ads of other sources on your site.

BizWay is a simple, responsive WordPress theme could be used for building a website for any business niche (like real estate, food, music, technology, etc.), and also helps in getting you a good number of clicks by allowing you to place ads on the sidebar widget. And placing ads, enable you to increase your earnings.

BizWay comes with templates perfectly-suited for setting up a blog page, gallery page, and many more for your business website.


Classified Ads Listing WordPress Theme

classicraft ads listing theme


ClassiCraft is a powerful WordPress theme that comes with everything needed to make a fully-functional classified WordPress website. It includes a responsive Classified Theme Platform, allowing you to earn revenue via the integrated Payment Module (i.e. PayPal). Since it boasts a responsive platform, creating a website using this theme would enable you to reach to a wider audience.

ClassiCraft features a powerful slider to display featured ads, which will definitely help you catch your visitor’s attention easily in an exciting way. The theme features two types of Ad Listing Views: the first one allows you to display the list of ads in “Grid View” and the second one let you show ad listing in “List View”.

There are also plenty of other exemplary features that this theme offers for monetizing your site, from free or premium listing available on the front-end, to earning more credit, allowing submission of new listing constantly and so on.


Everyone loves to make huge bucks from their websites. And placing, third-party ad(s) is a great monetization strategy, you can leverage to generate good revenue from your site. Reading this post will help you know about the 10 best WordPress themes, from which you can choose one to monetize your site from third-party ads.



Maria Mincey, Software developer at Xicom Technologies software development company. They deliver comprehensive web applications and solutions for different industry verticals.

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