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What can be the benefits of having a self hosted video website?

Ever thought of this?

Then you might come faced with question like-

How someone will land on my site?

How I’ll be able to utilize the traffic to earn money?

What will be the parameters that will take my website higher on search engines, or how different is it is to implement on page/off page SEO for my video website?

This article provides answers to such questions.

But before that, an important question may arise… How to run a video website?

Creating a video website with WordPress be will a good idea to setup an own video channel. Have a WordPress video theme for your website by selecting a theme on basis of what features you want in your video site.

If you want a video website where you can upload own videos, and users could also submit their videos (just as in major websites like YouTube), then you can check out VideoCraft theme.

Why to have a Video Sharing Website?

Generates Huge Traffic

It is easy to drive traffic from a video website.

People are literally not more interested in reading monster size books or lengthy newspapers. Video websites have their own glamour and there are acute reasons for why someone should prefer reading over watching a video. Just the only requirement in this case will be an up and running internet connection and a multimedia supportable device.

Website Updates Regularly

In order to take your website high on search engines, it is required to keep updating your website with new content regularly. Google likes websites such websites, but it is not that much easy if you are the only one to handle your blog website. Whereas, in case of a video website especially when created with VideoCraft, you can create a user generated website.

People will sign up to submit their videos resulting in easily getting new fresh content.

Quality Parameters Are Less

If you have experience with blogging, you know how hectic it is to write an SEO optimized content. Where as in case of video websites, however the on page/off page SEO remain same, there is no as such headache of monitoring your content.

For the people, the only parameter will be, whether they like the stuff or not.

Audience Loves Whatever It Is

People grab visual information more quickly and easily. You can create educational video website and have a unique collection of tutorial videos on any particular subject. Visualized things are very powerful and stays for a long time. That is why visual information is always a priority for users and they grab the solution just within few minutes.

People are fond of spending time watching videos. Moving visual things enhance interest in learning that way.

People look for simple straight forward approach in everything. I mean people like comprehensible stuff more as compared to 100 lines solution (written in a book). :)

Featuring and sharing videos comes in live resources to speak yourself.

How to Utilize a Video Website?

Earn From Ads

Have space for advertisement banners. Get ads not only from Adsense, but there are other sources as well that can be considered as an alternative to Adsense.

Creating a Video Advertisement Website

Gone are the days when marketing or advertising of one’s business & services was about spending a lot of money and time. This is primarily due to the evolution of easier and much effective ways of branding.

You can provide elaborated information about your products or services.

Create a Community of Your Interest

Whether you are a sports lover, a stunt maniac, a dance fan or a wildlife photographer, it is always a nice experience to be surrounded with people having similar passion. You can create a video community with the help of interested people who will be interested in submitting videos related to a particular subject or field.

A few Minutes To Set-up a full Blown Website

As soon as you finish setting up your website, you can start exploring various exciting videos from YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, MetaCafe and any major video websites.

Then, just by embedding the videos, your website will be ready for a visitor with a lot of content to be navigated.

Create Video Sharing Website for any Particular Purpose

If you are a person intending to work for social welfare by creating awareness or by educating people online, this feature is undoubtedly a complete solution for you.

If you are associated with some NGOs or social welfare organization, you can easily convey your messages to people with the help of visual communication.

If you are a good yoga instructor, an excellent cook, or a philosopher, you can reach users through video sharing.

You can also upload video tutorials on YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, MetaCafe to train people.



  • Feature & share videos by uploading from other websites. Upload your own video too.
  • Enable user registration to accept user submitter videos. Create user generated website.
  • Earn money via putting up ads. Brand your own product.

An Ultimate Solution

If you are looking for an platform to start your own video website just like as we discussed above in this article, VideoCraft WordPress theme will be the right choice. It gives a powerful platform to give you an ultimate solution to create an online platform.

Feel free to share your views below.

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