Blogging Tip : Keep Your Ideas Always With You For Your New Post In WordPress

By Neha Yadav

Hey guys, I am back again with a blogging tip. But before discussing that tip, I want to make it very clear that here I am not proving that I am the best blogger, instead I am a blogger among you and just exploring a blogging tip with you. It many times happens that while sitting idle we get lot many ideas in our mind for our new posts even we get links related to it at that time, but while implementation i.e. when we sit to write that post we are not with our ideas. Because of that we are unable to write what we were thinking and even we are not able to cover all the points, additionally we are not able to write and publish the post quickly. So it is always suggested to always keep the track of your ideas, that are been generated to write a new post in your mind.


Now the question arises, how to keep that kind of track always with you ? No doubt after reading and thinking about this question, the solution that quickly arises in your mind is sticky notes, making a draft in mail id composed of all the new ideas, using different apps in smart phones, carrying physical notepad or diary with ideas in it etc. Now what if your PC , Smart phone or your diary/notepad unfortunately gets stolen or damaged?

No need to worry now, as this article is with the solution for such kind of problems which will give you an extremely simple way o manage your ideas. A WordPress plugin named Ideas,  helps you to efficiently keep all your ideas safely on your wordpress dashboard and you can access them as and when required.

Here is a step by step guidance for you to install, activate and use this plugin –

Step 1: Download the plugin or search it directly from your admin area –


Step 2: Once you find this plugin on your dashboard install it as shown in the image given below –


 Step 3: After installing the plugin its time now to activate it .


Step 4: Upon activation, a new menu will be added in your menu bar of your dashboard named as “Ideas” as shown below with two sub menus “Ideas” and “Add Idea”.


Step 5: By clicking on the option “Add Idea” you will be able to write your ideas all in a summative pattern and in the way as you like and understand, as shown below.


Step 6: You can view your all ideas along with their related links by clicking on the option “Ideas” as shown below. However if you wish that the most recent idea must be displayed first, not the older ones, then click the date column header to change the order of the ideas based on the time.

idea6 So that was all about how you can safely keep all your ideas all at one place, along with their links etc that can be easily accessed from anywhere.

Your comments, suggestions and queries are always welcome !!!

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