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Blogger or WordPress, Which is better?

There are many free blogging platforms but only two have won every one’s heart. People always love that platform for blogging which provides all the features for free of cost; you got it right I am talking about wordpress and blogger. Usually every new blogger create their website with either wordpress or Google’s blogger and there is a huge competition between these two. So let’s see a bri...

There are many free blogging platforms but only two have won every one’s heart. People always love that platform for blogging which provides all the features for free of cost; you got it right I am talking about wordpress and blogger. Usually every new blogger create their website with either wordpress or Google’s blogger and there is a huge competition between these two. So let’s see a brief comparison of both and decide yourself which is best for you to start with. There may be different reasons to start blogging and choosing best among these two also depends upon the reason for which you want to start blogging. Here I will cover both of them one by one so let’s start with blogger:


Google owns blogger and hence applies its policies to it. One of the biggest advantages with blogger is that you’ll take hardly 10 minutes to setup a blog with account. It is very easy to use and maintain. If you are done with setting your blogger account you can start posting immediately. Let’s discuss some points about blogger as a blogging platform one by one:

  •  With blogger it is really too easy to maintain account. You can easily add new pages and post. It is very easy to switch to different designs using any of the given templates and layouts.
  •  Domain name with blogger account is always like “” by default (depending upon your country ‘.in’ will be changed). But blogger gives you to choose your own domain name for $10 per year and connect your blogger account with your personalized domain name. The biggest advantage of this is you do not need to bother about hosting cost.
  •  No coding is needed. Blogger supports almost all features that a simple blog should have. If you have an account with blogger then you do not need to be from technical background. At present blogger supports many templates and you can use different layouts to customize those templates.
  •  Awesome gadgets are offered by blogger as their free features to all blogger account. You can easily add gadgets like news, weather reports, currency converter, videos, slideshow, search box etc by a single click. You can place these gadgets where ever you want in your blog by changing their position by customizing layouts. If you smartly arrange these gadgets, you will succeed to create a good blog without paying anything. You can add your own gadget if you have the code of that gadget.
  •  AdSense Integration is very easy with blogger because both are owned by same company. So those who want to start blogging to earn some money they can opt for blogger as it gives you by default option of AdSense to start with. You can integrate AdSense directly from your blog and after activation of AdSense you can show ads and make money online. You can use your blog to promote affiliate products to third party to simply make money. Through Amazon affiliate program blogger itself allows to generate affiliate revenue.
  •  With blogger account Google own all your data. If Google finds you for anything that is violating its policies than it can shut your account down without any notification. You would be aware of this fact if you have ever heard about “Google slap”.

These were some points about blogger as a blogging platform. If you want a personal blog and want to share your experiences with friends and relative then blogger is perfect for you. If you want to share your knowledge with your friends and you post very rarely then blogger should be your choice. You can earn money from blogger without spending even a single dollar. So design your own blog, customize it according to your need, use gadgets and enjoy amazing blogging experience with blogger.



Now let’s discuss about other blogging platform which is also most popular. WordPress it is well known as CMS (content management system). It is open source and hence offers you fully customization. You should not be confused with and Both are owned by same owner but is something like blogger it offers you free hosting and domain name ( is official site of the wordpress project and we will discuss about the same. You can download latest version of wordpress from and can start your website and blog with a domain and server that you own. Let’s have some look on what wordpress offers us:

  • WordPress is absolutely free. All you need is hosting plan from a hosting company and a domain name. WordPress also offers single click installation if you’re hosting plan includes cpanel. With cpanel you can do a one-click installation, upgrade and removal of your WordPress platform.
  •  As you purchase your personalized domain name so it will be like “”. If you are planning to have a business website, professional website or you need a functional website to sell your products then your domain name should represent an authority and personalized domain names are best option for the same.
  •  Wordpress removes all limitations and is open source so if you are coding expert then it is best for you. You can make wordpress do whatever you want to. It offers thousands of themes for almost all niches. You can go for premium wordpress themes if you need to setup highly professional blog.
  •  Supports thousands of plugins and gadgets. You can easily install and activate any plugin as per your need. Plugins do additional functions that you want to be added in your website. It makes your websites really functional and helps visitors in many ways. For example with wordpress plugin you can add a feature to comment from your Facebook account directly. Installation of plugin requires a single click. It’s that much easy to add and use a plugin and you can uninstall them whenever you want to.
  •  You can also integrate adsense account with your wordpress site after activation from Google. If your blog is powered with wordpress then you can customize it in a better way and make it search engine friendly. With default installation you need a couple of plugins and even a better theme to really maximize the Adsense potential. With WordPress on your own domain you can ping as many blog directories as you want, and start getting more traffic so can increase your earnings.
  •  You own your own domain name and have your own hosting so you own your content and you have complete ownership and copyright of content. You do not need to bother that someone can shut your account any time without informing you.

Now it’s your turn to decide best for you. First think about the purpose for which you want to blog and start a website then choose a platform. With wordpress I can make you sure that you will never be back. You will love wordpress for what it offers you. Share if you liked this post and please put your points in comment about which is best among these two?

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  1. I like what you guys are doing. Such intelligent work and reporting! Carry on with the superb works guys. I have incorporated you guys to my blogroll. I think it’ll improve the value of my website. :)

  2. good post..helpful for newbie bloggers. i appreciate this post as good work :)

  3. I have a professional website, which is wordpress, and there’s a blog in it. I’m just thinking, would it make sense to set up a blogspot to duplicate the blog posts, for the purpose of SEO, as you said blogspot is owned by google?

    • That would imply duplicate content and Google does not like that.

    • Hi Kemila,

      I think its not need to duplicate the blog post of your website in blogspots beacause you already post it in your WordPress site.

      And Google does not give priority to duplicate post.

      But you can manipulate the content if you want and change its heading part then post it on blogspot.

      In this way you will be in a safe zone.

      Have a good day :)

  4. Hi, just wanna say thanks for such a helpful post! It seems like you prefer WordPress. Will have a look.

    • Hi Phuong,

      Thanks for the feedback

      Yes, all our themes support WordPress framework that will allow you to make your website easily.

      If you wish you can check it and make your own one.

      Keep visiting InkThemes for more updates.

      Have a good day !

  5. Very honest and direct approach. Thanks

  6. I have just bought a new domain name, can I use it for a blog as well as for a website?
    I have yet to build the website yet, but if I use the site builder, can I Also build the blog using wordpress?

    • Hello,

      I would like to tell you that domain name is unique so what can you do is that first you create your WordPress website then you can easily implement the blog in it.

      This will save your time and work. Moreover, you will parallely run both in a convenient way.

      Cheers :)

  7. No doubt WordPress is better. It has bigger variety of plugins, templates, etc.

    Can not say anything bad about Blogspot but I honestly prefer WordPress. :)

    • Hello Toomas,

      Yes, you are absolutely correct. WordPress is lot better as you can easily implement your blog or just about anything in it.

      Moreover, we also make WordPress themes and plugins.

      If you wish you can have a look to them.

      Thanks for the feedback :)

  8. Thanks for the good post.Very useful information with simple words.Now i understood clearly about wordpress and Blogger.

  9. Blogger just told me that Firefox, “Your browser is no longer supported by Blogger. Some parts of Blogger will not work and you may experience problems. If you are having problems, try Google Chrome.” No way in hell I’m using Google Chrome that feeds browsing data straight back to Google.

    • Im a noobie to blogging ill be honest, but I had the same issue, and thought the same thing I have used chrome to set up my blog but now find myself on chrome all the time and was worried about the browsing all getting sent to google and then thought well if I only blog on it could it be beneficial for me in a way?

  10. how can i use plugins and gadgets in for free?

    are you talking about or .org? .com is limited as we know and .org if you want you pay and you have.

  11. Very good topic for newbie, by the way, Google after doing Panda Update, Blogspot site get preference, is it right?

    • Hi Toufiq,

      Thanks for the feedback :)

      Ya it may be ……….

      But WordPress provides you a platform from where you can achieve anything.

      Thanks :)

  12. East or west wordpress is the best, i have left blogger while i learned about wordpress…..

  13. Hey, these are interesting points you raise. I use both and seem to like them equally. thaks

  14. I had a free blog in Blogger and posted some posts there for about last 2 years. Suddenly after June 2012 my blog is not found in search engines so I have switched to free blog at wordpress.Will my free blog in wordpress remain active for ever.How can I switch to premium blog and is it necessary to go premium?What will be better Blogger or WordPress to go premium.

    • Sir, welcome to WordPress… First, want to answer your question, Yes your blog with will remain active forever, as long as you don’t violate their terms of conditions and Blogspot is also free forever, but dont know what went wrong with your blog.
      Blogger vs WordPress: Blogger is best for those who dont have technical knowledge, so is and both are giving free blogging opportunity. But, if you want to take your blog to a next level, then you should Join, which requires you to host your site by yourself –you can choose BlueHost or Hostgator for this purpose– The biggest disadvantage of free blogging is that you a sub domain e.g. or, which is annoying for a visitor, these types of URL are difficult to remember and type… The biggest advantage with wordpress is their skins/themes/templates, which gives your site a professional look to your site. You can add custom themes, which can be bought from different sites, and this custom theme feature, only works on, with you can only use those free themes or premium themes, which are features by — main advantage of is that you dont like technical knowledge.. but i recommend you to start with, bcz its give you freedom to do changes to your blog, themes, categories, comments, you can use several of free plugins and much much more…

  15. Hi everyone,

    I have a doubt, is it better to develop our own blog in the website or to use word press/ blogger ??

  16. its a nice info i was searching for i am trying to come in this field as a seniour blogger i need your help here so please when you get timke please visit my site and give me some advice thanks

  17. I agree that WordPress has more appealing themes. Even the non-premium ones will suit your blogging needs. I just made a blog on WP though I’ve used Blogger for years. I’m liking WP better.

    • Hi Lea,

      Yes WordPress provide you a great platform which helps to fulfill all your needs.

      Even you can check all our amazing WordPress themes available on InkThemes website.

      Thanks for reading our blogs :)

      Cheers :)

  18. I agree that we should switch to WordPress. Because basically you can customize your web by putting up a wordpress theme. :)

    • Hello Adrianne,

      Yes there are lots of amazing WordPress themes available which can be customizable easily and gives a new look to your site.

      Even you can also check out our InkThemes website which provide such outstanding themes.

      Keep reading our blogs.

      Have a good day :)

  19. There’s no doubt that WordPress is the best!!!!!

  20. i think blogger is better

  21. I think Blogger is better as I usually face virus via wordpress plugins or if i don’t do the updates. It effects the site most of the time.

    • Hello Jewish,

      There are some plugins in WordPress for which updation is required to enhance its functionality.

      May be you face some issues during updation.

      But it doesnot mean WordPress is not a better option to choose.

      Have a good day :)

  22. What if I choose to have blogger as blogging platfrom and switch to custom domain? “” instead of “” ? Do it will benefit??

  23. Hi

    Very clear and information, this article is a boon to creative persons all over the world who are waiting for a right platform to showcase their talent

  24. I agree with you, wp is better :)

  25. I have created a blog in & use advance domain name & create sub domain but it’s not working could u plz tell me that what i need to do.

    • yana indonesian - January 11, 2013 at 8:09 pm

      like an address. if you change your address name, and people who usually go to your home, they can’t found it. because you have change your address. so, you should resubmit your new domain to search engine provider.

  26. Nice post! I‘ve been using and I‘m about installing my first wordpress software for a new website. But Blogger is great for adsense! Please, I plan to register a domain name with GoDaddy and use it as my own domain name on a new blog I am about to set up with Blogger. Do I need to pay for web hosting with any web host to enable me do this? I actually intend using the domain name and still enjoy free web hosting on Blogger. Pls I need help. Thanks!

  27. Thank you for wonderful review!

  28. Hi Neeraj

    That is a great post and a simple and great comparison of the two major blogging sites, kewl.

  29. sir i created my blog on My question is can i use google adsense without custom domain,simple is that can i earn money without any investment?…before this blog which i mention above i create a blog but that was not accepted by adsense why?sir i hope you understand what i am saying.i am waiting for ur help thanks!

  30. Great tips. very well-written, keyword-oriented and incredibly useful. its really interesting to many readers. I really appreciate this, thanks

  31. Very nice and useful comparison of Blogger and WordPress. I also love reading the comments. I think there are useful too.
    Thank you for sharing.

  32. Great post! Straight to the point. Both blog platforms have their strong points and depends on the reason one wants to start blogging. You have discussed the most important ones a beginner needs in order to choose the right one.

  33. True, you can make WordPress do whatever you want. For that I’m very grateful! I’ve played around with Blogger a bit but I find WordPress easier to develop. Thanks for the post, it was interesting :)

  34. Thanks for the post! I have a question. Can I use a blogger theme on WordPress? Or not.

    • Hi Andy,

      There is no automatic way to convert WordPress theme into blogger template.

      You need to hire some freelancer to convert WordPress theme into blogger template.

      Have a good day :)


  35. Hi,

    you compare apples to oranges.

    You can’t compare Blogger as hosted service with WordPress [org] as blogging software. You had to compare Blogger with the service of the hosted wordpress COM.

    That would be interesting. How does as service compete with Blogger in cases like maintaining, themes, widgets, cost.



    • there is no doubt that wordpress is most preferred CMS in todays’s market for small or medium website in terms of google SEO.. I recently did a plumbing wordpress website for a client in london.. In 2 weeks that website was ranking on first page on major keywords like plumbers london, plumbers west london etc..and obviously in 2 weeks how many backlinks can you make? and eben if you make quite a few backlinks how quickly they get approved or get cached from google.. so think wordpress is a big yes in terms of SERP..

    • Thanks alot for the wonderful feedback.

      Have a good day :)

  36. I’d go for WordPress. Not because that it sounds more pro. It has features which are way better than the other and other reasons more. Others would agree, I bet.

  37. I couldn’t find the comparison between these two platform. I wish you can explain more in term of its disadvantages compare to each other. For example, blogspot somehow is better in SEO (Just example)

  38. Nice information, may i ask something? we have website, kindly suggest which will be the best option to opt between these two and does it impact on SEO better if we choose blogger and mostly using google as search engine and blogger belongs to google it self. thanks

  39. Indigenousbrooklyn - October 31, 2012 at 8:46 pm

    thanks for the analysis. i am going with wordpress and should have it up and running later today :)

    i never want to feel the google slap!

  40. Hi. Very great article. Very informative. I am just starting out. Practice for writing a book really. You said on Blooger, Google owns all data. Does that mean everything I write is technically theirs?

  41. Nice article. Blogger vs WordPress, i will lean towards Blogger. I find it somewhat better, at least in my experience.

  42. Hello i really appreciate your post. I heard about WordPress and i was willing to set a blog so i chose it but i now want to use cumtom template i got from site other then WordPress how can i use that template and u said you can code so from where i can code myself ? And if i use WordPress beta so i have to buy a domain name or only hosting and can i use for hosting.

  43. I am using both with parallel run. Enjoying money..

  44. WordPress is kind a boring for me for this time.. I want to move to blogspot asap.

    I like the design from blogspot, more modern and minimalist.

  45. thanks for the info, I’ll try to learn it,,

  46. Thank you for your post. I’ve been trying to decide which one is better for my blog. I found an amazing Blogger website today, it links to a 3rd party shopping cart!

  47. i Always Appreciate WordPress.

  48. I think that own independent website on WordPress is best choice if you want to run own business website.

    If site be on blogger, customers may be confused about business, which can’t spend a few dollars for own domain name and hosting.

  49. The closest I come across as a best of both worlds of Blogger/ and is
    1) It is a free host like Blogger and,
    2) Uses WordPress platform, so you can use WordPress themes which are in my humble opinion, better than those available in
    3) Able use Adsense which DON’T allow

    Visit my site,
    I did a comparison of these free web hosts for blogs in one of my post.

  50. Own website on WordPress with original own domain is the best choice. You may add a lot of plugins, customize own design, be independent from Blogger limitations.
    When user develops site on blogger- this user promotes Blogger brand first, but when user develops an own WP website- user promotes an own site brand and recognition.
    Also if user wants seriously to present own business online, free Blogger platform may be a not so good choice, because it may tell users that business is short of money to maintain own website. IMHO.

  51. I guess for beginners, choosing blogger over wordpress is a great choice.

  52. I prefer to use WordPress for self hosted because it’s more complete than blogspot.

  53. Sir i want to start my blog on film review can u suggest which is better Blogger or or

  54. I think wordpress is much better, with plugins you can set up and do anything you wish. Thanks for the great article!

  55. personaly i find wordpress more flexible, especialy if you need a mix of homepage and blog.
    But blogger vs. wordpress is a religious war :-/

  56. Very Nice post.
    I think WordPress is better.

  57. “With blogger account Google own all your data. If Google finds you for anything that is violating its policies than it can shut your account down without any notification. You would be aware of this fact if you have ever heard about “Google slap”.”

    As someone researching the best way to begin blogging, this information is terrifying. Thank you so much for letting me know! Rest assured, your post was invaluable! I’m off to buy my domain!

  58. If you have both does anyone know if you can link your accounts.

  59. When you’re considering blogging, which platform is right for you? Make sure to get the facts to determine whether to use blogger or WordPress!

  60. I just started my blog page with blogger, so far i would say its user friendly but i notice there isnt much plug ins. Can anyone recommend how I can maxize my site?

  61. your points was very good but I was looking something for seo purposes.. Can you please post some points regarding SEO??

  62. Grant / Pittsburgh - January 20, 2013 at 8:25 pm

    Thanks for the info! You’ve done a great job of summing up the pros and cons; exactly what I needed to make a decision.

  63. I have a WordPress website to promote my health clinic (a few websites actually) Yet I have my blog on blogger, my question: Would it be better for SEO rankings to move my and put it on my main website so that it would be adding pages and depth to my main site? I have 5 other websites that are self hosted and feed off of as well as to the main site.

  64. I agree It’s Very great topic

  65. I hated wordpress and i know how to code, it was a serious effort customizing my wordpress blog to my liking, i thought “it will be worth it” but then plugins start to misbehave, updates break stuff, has very few customization options (for those that don’t know how to code, but i would like not having to code for once) and in general it just has a gigantic amount of clutter and it’s pretty heavy, unfortunately, blogger is not a very good option, is even worse and a lot of the other cms’s aren’t as good as wordpress, so i’m pretty stuck with something i don’t like to have to keep the blogs that i like, working correctly.

  66. hi, this web is cool

  67. I have several blogs with WP and several with Blogger. In almost EVERY case, the Blogger blogs do better than the WP blogs (all my blogs have my own domain names – so no dot.blogger or dot.wordpress).

    I’m now in the process of moving all my WP blogs to Blogger as that automatically saves me money on hosting charges every month AND they’re likely to make a lot more money on Blogger as Google simply ranks them better.

  68. You should create a compare table for these two.

  69. thanks a lot. i really read usefull, helpfull an article.
    i think we dont to pay host money and want to edit our theme and side bar we should use blogspot. so we can put adsense code in theme.
    out of the above, wordpress is really powerfull against blogspot.

  70. Your post is rather informative and very helpful to me. I am bookmarking your site on my browser and I am seriously thinking about your ink themes for WordPress. Please send me more information on it. Thanks.

  71. It is really help me, a good information for newbie. Thanks.

  72. Suresh Bavireddy - February 6, 2013 at 1:56 pm

    Really very good article on blogs i’m a newbie for blogging and i want create my own blog.
    This information fetches me a lot.
    thank you great job.
    Could you please let me know how to make my blog more visible in search engine ??
    There are any tools and tips for that??
    please let me know thank you.

  73. I’m using wordpress and blogger. I get no traffic at all. from either one of them. I was wondering does anyone know how to get traffic to these sites. BTW great post.

  74. I enjoyed reading the information on your blog. Nice title you chose, Blogger Vs. WordPress. It is true, as both blog platforms have some great features while being different. WordPress is best for me because it is free and an open source blogging tool. The features are nice in WordPress and you can share your work with the world or connect your website with social networks like FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. If you are new to WordPress check out , It’s a practical site for beginners so it will provide knowledge and confidence to begin.

  75. Thank you so much for the easy to understand comparison of WordPress and blogger!

  76. i’m using blogger because it no need for hosting (free)

  77. thanks for this interesting articles. Till now I only tried wordpress, but it will be interesting to create a blog with blogger, too.

  78. Awesome post… Honestly i wont lied to you, this is my first time of hearing about google slap, I use wordpress for most of my site though, id never consider blogger, Thanks for sharing

  79. I enjoyed reading the information on your blog. Nice title you chose, Blogger Vs. WordPress. It is true, as both blog platforms have some great features while being different. WordPress is best for me because it is free and an open source blogging tool. The features are nice in WordPress and you can share your work with the world or connect your website with social networks like FaceBook, LinkedIn and Twitter etc. If you are new to WordPress check out , It’s a practical site for beginners so it will provide knowledge and confidence to begin.

  80. I’m using wordpress because it’s interface is simple easy to use

  81. I have decided to start with a blog on my own website, with my own domain and my hosting provider ( offers a blog feature. Would I have any advantage from having the blog on WordPress instead of the blog provided by my host?

    Would my website be more searcheble / visble, if the blog was on WordPress?

    My host offers also Statistic feature, so their blog would show up there. Would WordPress visits statistics show up in the same Statistics of my host or would I have to go and see it somewhere else, e.g. in Google Analytics?

  82. Now google is Prioritize Google Hosting Blogspot Over WordPress! Sadness!

  83. Thanks, you have helped me to make intelligent decision…..

  84. Thankyou, very insightful! I was wondering if you know whether blogger is faster at getting your tags to google? I know that wordpress can take some weeks to get the data updated in google’s records, which can affect your ranking in their search algorithm.

  85. I have to use both of platform for blogging.
    but i think wordpress is more better then blogger, i don’t know how but wordprss is the best platform for CMS.

  86. Hello Inktheme, I tried more than 100 free themes in my wordpress learning time, but I was unable to get full response. Thank you very much Inkthemes!

    Dal Saru

  87. Id read peoples comment here, and i must say the vote for wordpress superseed blogger. majority cant be wrong… so i will opt in for wordpress for my next blogging platform

  88. Hey,

    I used to think Blogger would rank better with Google… but then I read that Google were being taken to court for being bias!!!

    So who knows… lol

    Great info!


  89. Very Good reviews, ranked No 1 on google search !

    I might add that Blogger being Google owned I think would be ranked faster and higher on google, which is worth a lot. Blogger can be used more for personal matters due to its simplicity while WordPress is more for businesses due to the later having many plugins and CMS, makes sense?

  90. I think Blogger is better to get ranked in Google. Besides it provides better features. But its True as well that WP has more customized features as per SEO perspective.

    One more thing I want to ask. For WP paid hosting, we can active different plugins. But Can we do it for Free WP blog? or its just available for paid hosting.


  91. can we have edit HTML / add HTML Gadgets in WordPress like blogger
    will we do hard work is it also sure both service are of lifetime

  92. also tell me can we make business blog from blogger

    if i know everything on blogger . can i work easily on wordpress

  93. Can I put ads on my free wordpress blog?

  94. Abbas-Kovaipudur - April 12, 2013 at 7:08 pm

    1. WordPress free blog cant edit HTML code and Css .

    2. Can’t change colors

    3. Can’t Add Extra Plugin and Widgets

    4. Free themes had only fixed theme options

    5. if u want change color or font type u play price

    6.Can not put ads on free WordPress blog … if u use (text Widgets) and apply google ad-sense code.. that is not added …

    if u want possible above all — use wordpress development ( personal domain ) wordpress + php


    if u want possible above all ( Free Blogger …. this 100 % Good ….. )

    i am wordpress developer so …….

  95. Blogging is necessary for growing traffic of website on search engines.

  96. I have blogger is it allowed to have wordpress as well for making money.

  97. I have a blog, can I also have wordpress at the same time/.

  98. friendcomputer13 - April 16, 2013 at 3:58 pm

    Nice info blogs share

  99. Hmm is anyone else having problems with the pictures on this blog loading?
    I’m trying to determine if its a problem on my end or if it’s the blog.
    Any feed-back would be greatly appreciated.

  100. Great website you have here but I was curious about if
    you knew of any community forums that cover the same topics discussed in this article?

    I’d really like to be a part of community where I can get suggestions from other knowledgeable people that share the same interest. If you have any recommendations, please let me know. Appreciate it!

  101. msunderstood - May 9, 2013 at 4:31 pm

    thanks so much for simplifying blog language for us first time bloggers! when i blog something, is it automatically being published to the world wide net?

  102. Thanks for sharing such a good thinking, article is good, thats why
    i have read it entirely

  103. Very good article. I will be experiencing a few of these issues as well.


  104. Though I am using WP I guess blogger is still fine for a newbie.

    Keep it up!

  105. I use but they recently changed their algorhtm to identify spam and they have been ID-ing a lot of good blogs as Spam, freezing them for no reason. I’m a professional writer and have used for years to create topic-focused blogs with lots of traffic and now I am seeing all kinds of problems.

    The worst part is that they claim to review their “mistakes” in identifying Spam in 24-48 hours but it has been a week. The process to contact and complain to them is non-existent. They are dictators. And if you are a writer, you don’t want to be there.

    I also have a blog at WordPress and have never had any problems. So, I think has ruined their reputation.


  106. I think wordpress better blogger, because easily customized for wordpress more than blogger.

    I like wordpress source.

  107. Amazing! Its in fact awesome post, I have got much clear idea on the topic
    of from this piece of writing.

  108. I think wordpress is better, because it is more professional and also it can be customised easily. The availability of free plugins makes wordpress more attractive as compared to blogger.

  109. The information herein is so much helpful. Thank you and great blog by the way!

  110. Both blogger and WordPress are free blogging platforms. Both have good authority in search engine. We can customize blogger blog more than WordPress. In blogger we can change in the coding and can customize the whole blog, but in WordPress we have limited option for customization.

  111. Really good information you will provide..
    step by step information really helpful for us. and one most important thing is your detail.
    its really perfect.. keep it up and help every person like this way

  112. Great post, or i would rather say “awesome”. For highlighting and deciphering the difference between blogger and wordpress, its absolutely informative and timely for me at this time.

  113. Joseph J. Kuzma - June 18, 2013 at 6:21 pm

    Thanks Neeraj! You just saved me a ton of time. You the man!

  114. 1 vote for wp.Wp have too many plugin for SEO. It’s really a diferent

  115. I think wordpress is more better than blogger, nice post neeraj thx.

  116. If i wanted to use blogger to blog and posted my poetry
    On blogger would it then not be my poetry? Would
    Google then have rights to my poetry?
    Maybe it would be better for me to use wordpress?
    Im a boob at all this but really want to get started blogging
    And sharing my writings with the world.

    Also if you use adsense to start making money
    Blogging do you get to choose which ads show on your blog?
    As mine would be a christian blog so i would not want
    Certain things advertised.. Does that make sense?
    Thanks in advance for any help

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    Neeraj I know that I sound stupid but I just don’t know nothing about how can I start earning from wordpress I need some help with how to start and how will I get Adds for my site .
    Please help .

  118. I use but they recently changed their algorhtm to identify spam and they have been ID-ing a lot of good blogs as Spam, freezing them for no reason.

  119. Thank you for great review!

  120. Nigerian Celebrity - August 7, 2013 at 5:48 pm

    Which among the two does better in Google Search?

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    I love WordPress , because , this is index by google’s fast ^^

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  125. I think both Blogger and WP are very useful for SEO :). I’ve used Blogger for a year and i love it, easy to customize. And now, i’m starting with WP. I’ve just built a new WP site: That’s very confusing at the begin but now, i’m trying to dig into it by my own :)An I think your post is very helpful for newbie blogger like me.

    Thank you for your sharing!!!

  126. If I have a Hosted Account approve for AdSense via YouTube; can I simply use it on Blogger Domain. (I will use it only after I have enough quality content)

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  129. Where to get the new version to make sure everything will be the same with other ways?

  130. wordpress have many plugin for SEO and a admin theme easy to use. I think wp is better than blogger

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  132. For me, Personally i love both of platform.

    BLOGGER , mostly because hosting free and stable. upload and publish anything. dont care how many user online on the site.

    WORDPRESS, easy to handle and create more clean function just using php.

  133. i started a professional blog using blogger and got a domain name for it… i wanted to make cash.. palning for importing adsense.. but my friend suggested tey word press is it gives u bettter customisation… he tld me u wil get adsense sooner in wordpress than on blogger is it true.. i knw word press offer good looks but wat abt adsense.. how 2 get adsense.. wats the minimum views required to get adsense.. how to improve traffic

  134. Well, I think it depends what you really want to do. Blogger, as noted can really be setup easily and being that Google owns it, I’m sure there are other perks to it as well, like in terms of SEO.

    Then again, WordPress can be so much for than your usual blog. It can become a full blown site which blog can only be a part of. Or you can turn it into a e-commerce shop, I mean there is no limit in what you can do. Furthermore, even though Blogger can be customized in different ways and more easily as it’s more user friendly in a way, you don’t really need to be a tech freak to customize WordPress to your liking. I recently read a review of 34 different platforms that a non-tech savvy person can use to build a customized WordPress site. The one that I liked the most is REAL WordPress Template Builder ( because it is a drag n’ drop solution which is perfect for newbies.

  135. Superb comparision,. I still prefer WordPress and it’s best. I am using since last 2 years and really enjoying!

  136. Obviously WordPress is best, I have done enough research on both platforms, I have 6 TLDs on Word-press and just few blogspot blogs on blogger.
    Google Raises Double Standards, Matt cuts keep saying that Blogger is best but uses WordPress for his own blog, lol

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  138. I think, self-hosted WordPress is the best solution. Among the free blogging services, is the best for personal blogging, and Blogger is better maybe for business purposes. Tumblr is great if you are in entertainment niche and share a lot of images and videos. I use all of them.

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    Can you please answer my questions

    If i buy a domain name and use it with blogger can i use it to create as my personal portfolio no no not for business use…just for my presonal profile or will it be google voilation..plz reply me..thanks

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    But I can see the advantages in both platforms easily. Maybe I should use both to blog on.

  146. I’ve just been contacted by a blogger user who really has come to the end of the userbility lifecycle with blogger and is looking to other solutions. A self-hosted WordPress is my advice having used this for the last 2 years. Far greater customisable power.

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  152. My programmer is trying to convince me to move to .net from
    PHP. I have always disliked the idea because of the expenses.
    But he’s tryiong none the less. I’ve been using Movable-type on
    several websites for about a year and am nervous about switching to another platform.
    I have heard good things about Is there a way I can transfer all my
    wordpress content into it? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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