6 Benefits Of Guest Blogging Over Blog Commenting

Nikhil Ganotra

Guest blogging and Blog Commenting are some the easy ways to build quality backlinks. I know. But have you ever thought which method is the best? I consider blog commenting as a time consuming method to build backlinks. Generally, people do blog commenting just thinking about backlinks. They don’t deliver quality to the writers. Just commenting “ Thanks for sharing” and “Nice post” would not help you build backlinks. This is a kind of  blog commenting for seo  is a spammy practice going on, on the web.

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One of the benefits of guest posting is, it is much better than blog commenting. Helps you to drive quality traffic on your blog as well as backlinks. Guest blogging helps you in boosting your presence on the web.

I know that guest blogging can drive you a penalty but if you are dealing with quality content then there is no problem. Here are some benefits of Guest blogging over blog commenting. So keep reading !

Build Relationship With Other Bloggers

Just dropping a comment on a blog wouldn’t help you in building a good relationship with bloggers. I consider guest blogging as the best method to gain exposure and build a good relationship with other bloggers. After all blogging survives on a good relationship. Am I right?

The more people notice you the more subscribers you’ll get and more fans you’ll make on social media.

Guest blogging helps you to introduce yourself with the new communities. If you’d done a quality guest post the you’ll get more followers , more fans as well as quality subscribers.

Boost Your blog’s Rankings

When you do you a guest post you must insert insert your blog’s link in the content. This helps in passing the link juice from one website to another. Even I am also a guest author doing the guest post for a link and better ranking of my blog.

This would help my blog rank better. The higher you rank the more traffic you’ll drive. Right?
Blog commenting couldn’t help you rank better in the search engines. You can only drive a small amount of traffic from other websites. And this will also not give you life-long return.

Get Clients

I have been a guest blogger from past 1 year and by delivering good quality articles, I keep getting clients for content writing. This helps me making a good side income. A guest blogger should always try to deliver quality content and satisfy the readers for their queries.

Guest blogging helps you make money. There are many companies who are ready to pay for the guest posts. This comes as ultimate opportunity for newbies. Free exposure as well as backlinks. But…. As I told you earlier delivering a quality guest post should be your main motive.

Free Exposure

Are you aware of the advertising costs that the bloggers charging nowadays? It’s so much that novices can’t afford.

Even I wasn’t able to afford when I was a newbie. Guest blogging gives you full free exposure to their readers , social media accounts etc.

I know writing a post takes time and lot of research work but what if it is giving you such good and long term returns. Either you can pay hundreds of dollars for monthly advertising or you can go for a free guest post which could be give long term returns as well as better rankings. What would you like to go for?

Diversify Traffic Source

As you may be knowing that Google keeps updating its algorithm time to time. With the change in algorithms many sites gets affected. Recently, my friend blog’s search queries were affected due to the latest Google panda update 4.0.

He lost his organic traffic. Being penalized he was nowhere to go.

And do you know what? His previous guest posts helped him in getting referral traffic. In the meanwhile, he got some time to burn his candle of energies to think about the strategy and regain the position.

Blog commenting would get you a very small amount of referral traffic. If your referral traffic exceeds the search engine traffic then why should you worry about a penalty? Let Google keep updating its algorithms and you need not worry about it. 😉

Helps you in building authority

Guest Posting helps you in building trust in the eyes of your targeted audience. When people see your guest post on high ranking websites then you are being noticed as an experienced person.

Let me give you an example-

Did you know me before reading this post? No. Right? But now I will be considered more credible than a normal content writer.

Why you should be cautious while guest posting?

You may be knowing that Matt Cutts considered guest blogging as a spammy practice for 2014. Here’s what he said –

“Okay, I’m calling it: if you’re using guest blogging as a way to gain links in 2014, you should probably stop. Why? Because over time it’s become a more and more spammy practice, and if you’re doing a lot of guest blogging then you’re hanging out with really bad company.”

Now, you might have got a pretty good clue what Matt Cutts trying to convey through this statement. If you are dealing with quality guest posts and delivering value then there is no problem. But if your guest posting just for a link then you might be penalized.

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Guest blogging has given rise to many spammy practices like article spinning, stuffing of keyword rich anchor texts. Here are some essential tips you should follow while guest posting-

  • Make sure to deliver 600+ words articles. Short articles are usually considered as spam.
  • Deliver unique content by avoiding article spinning.
  • Avoid using keyword rich anchor text.
  • Internally link the host website to the guest post.
  • Give magnetic headlines to your post to boost CTR
  • Make sure to have a gravatar to your I’d. Don’t look fake.
  • Give a call for action at the end. Either it’s to share your content or subscribe you.

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So finally, what would you prefer? Guest Blogging Or Blog Commenting?

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